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Why do I use EE ?  I like to help other individuals out in providing assistance/pointers to problems or solutions.

When am I likely to be on EE ? GMT 9-5 (UK)

Why am I not always on EE ?
I'm running around fixing things, or solving mission critical problems --
     (when I have 'spare-time' I can be found at EE).

Why have I been missing from EE for some time ?
I've been out working on some other projects that have taken my 'spare-time' away.
(The important thing: I have some time now, and I want to help you out !...
Please Note: From June 1st 2004, my time on EE will decrease due to other commitments.)

Email: D_SYSUK@NOSPAMPLEASE.hotmail.com -- remove NOSPAMPLEASE for the message to get to me.

Specialising in medium size database solutions (100 GB - 200 GB), database schema migration updates, datawarehousing and server hardware (current preferred supplier: HP).

Major Work:
Multi-Site Replication/DR provision of servers, processes and procedures (Numerous clients solutions) supporting public accessibility web data reporting solutions (0->800,000 users+).

Infrastructure solution audits, changes and recommendations, Change control and project management....

Management of goverment business change processes from Access 2000 databases/linux AWK reporting systems to SQL Server / Access reporting sytems.

BSc(Hons) University of London: Mathematics and Computer Science.

MCP(s) held:
Installing, Configuring, and Administering MS SQL Server 2000 EE (070-228) - 08 Mar 2004
Designing and Implementing databases with MS SQL Server 2000 EE (070-229) - 12 Mar 2004
Managing and Maintaining a MS Windows Server 2003 Enviroment -- 07 May 2004

Brainbench certifications held:
Master Computer Fundamentals (Win 95/98) 2000-10-23  
MS Access 2000 Fundamentals 2000-10-06  
RDBMS Concepts 2000-10-06  
MS SQL Server 7 Administration 2000-10-05  
Internet Security 2000-10-06  
Computer Industry Knowledge 2000-10-23  
SQL (ANSI) 2000-10-06  
E-Commerce Concepts 2000-10-06  
MS SQL Server 7 Programming 2000-10-06  
Written English 2000-10-23  
Math Fundamentals 2000-10-06  
Counseling Techniques 2000-10-06  
Investment Concepts 2000-10-26  

Just a look at a few of the other technologies I have used:...
Server Techs: WNT4 -> W2003 (AD/DHCP/DNS/DFS)/ Sun Solaris
Web-servers: IIS / Apache
Desktop Techs: W3.1 -> WXP / Linux (Debian / Redhat)
Languages: VC++ / C++ / VBA / Pascal (+ Some other dead languages ;-) )
Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports/ Segate Info
Collabaration Tools: Sharepoint

What is the oldest PC (Personal Computer..) you have ever used ?
Spectrum ZX80 (I borrowed a friends)  but my first PC was a Amstrad CPC 664.

When did I start using PCs or computer technology ?
From the age of 11, and I still love computer technology.

Got any code-examples anywhere ?

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