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Professional Background
Managing Director
T&N Technology Co., Ltd.
March 2003 – Present
Equivalent to CEO position; direct the overall operation of the company; review and sign off on financial statements; Manage major projects for both U.S. and Thai customers
Ewarenow LLC
December 1999 – Present
Ewarenow LLC
December 1999 – Present
Ewarenow focuses on four areas of expertise across many industries and professions; Salesforce customization and integration; web applications and services; windows applications; database design and administration.

We work directly with end customers of our services or with our partners who serve those end customers.
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Ewarenow is a custom software company that focuses on four areas: Salesforce customization and integration; Web applications and services; Windows applications; and Database design and administration.

We work through U.S. partners such as Vertikal 6. and CIO Options LLC, or directly with end-user companies. We get it about cloud computing and have achieved substantial success for our customers in ‘cloud control’, especially where the customer has engaged with multiple cloud application services.

Our business partners in the U.S., Thailand, and Vietnam are well-established companies with excellent reputations and track records in our areas of focus. Among them we have access to over 1,500 software professionals with a wide variety of industry, application, and development-platform expertise. We also have access to over 500 other software companies in Thailand through our association with Software Park Thailand.

My own key skills are:
- Understanding the decision-maker’s business goals, risks, and challenges
- Developing clear, accurate requirements
- Developing functional specifications
- Architecting and designing the database
- Architecting the application
- Selecting the most qualified and cost-effective development team
- Managing the project, often across national or continental boundaries
- Directing the development and testing process
- Validating the delivered software for conformance to requirements, specifications, and quality
- Ensuring ongoing support as and when needed
- I often write SQL Server stored procedures and sometimes write application code

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