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Hello my name is Josh.  I graduated from central michigan university in 2004 in  MIS.   I then pursued on my career by receiving my ccna and mcsa certifications.  I am only 1 exam away from receiving my mcse but just decided not to get it for now and started studying for my ccnp certification which is more what I would like to do in life.  I have so far worked jobs managing and supporting 140 servers, hardware raid, exchange server, ipkvm, dell poweredge servers, cisco pix, cisco routers 2600 series but now working for a small apartment firm as a network administrator and dont really care for it that much.  I manage the 45+ servers, some with software raid and some with hardware raid.  I have already argued with the IT Manager that software raid is a joke but hes old school and wont listen to me so we have already had a few servers primary drive crash running software raid and NT4 and there a bitch to get back up.  I really enjoy the hotswap alot better where you just pop in a drive.  I am IT support for the 70+ employees that run acer desktops with only 256 mbs of ram and junk but we are updating them slowly with new dells.  I manage the exchange 5.5 server where I have so deleted 20+ email accounts where the person no longer works for the company and i dont know why they dont delete them.   The list could go on and on but i will stop now.

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