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Dynamic real-time and distributed real-time systems, primarily for DoD applications. See ResearchGate & Google Scholar for publications.

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Professional Background
Time-Critical Technologies, Inc.
August 2011 – Present
Boston, MA
Time-Critical Technologies provides premiere consulting, contracting, and related services for real-time embedded systems -- e.g., architecture, engineering, design, implementation, technical and business development adviser to corporate Boards of Directors, "consulting intrapreneurship," courses, meeting organization and management, technical audits, proposal and report writing, expert witnessing, and more.

TCT is Doug's second generation consulting practice, following his highly successful consulting practice while on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

TCT is focused on the architecture, design, and implementation of time-critical (and the special case of real-time) -- especially distributed -- systems at all levels of an enterprise, from devices (e.g., software defined radios) to combat/sensor platforms (e.g., aircraft, ships) to network-centric BM/C2. Doug also consults on industrial automation systems, "from sensor to CEO," and time-critical distributed systems in other application domains.

 Doug has an active DoD security clearance, so he can perform classified work at any client's cleared facility.

TCT also teams with other companies and with universities on federal government contracts such as SBIRs and STTRs.

TCT informed its consulting clients (and prospective clients) on 1 April 2013 that effective 1 April 2014 it will accept only especially urgent and important (and hopefully short) tasks in national defense.
Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Science Department
1979 – 1987
Co-appointment faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Graduated five CS and five ECE Ph.D. students.

Created the largest and most-funded research organization of its time in real-time and distributed real-time systems.
Full Biography

E. Douglas Jensen is internationally recognized as one of the original pioneers, leading visionaries, and accomplished engineers of distributed real-time systems.

His seminal research led to what is believed to be the world’s first deployed commercial product for distributed real-time computer control systems – the highly successful Honeywell H930 weapons control system for small combat ships. He subsequently made important contributions to the first commercial distributed computing product for industrial process control, the Honeywell TDC-2000. He received Honeywell's highest technical award for his contributions to the principles and practices of distributed real-time systems.

For eight years he was on the faculty of the Computer Science Department, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, at Carnegie Mellon University. There he created and directed the largest academic real-time research group of its time. He consulted extensively world-wide for corporations, government agencies, and universities.

Subsequently he held senior technology leadership positions in several major companies, where he advanced the theory and practice of dynamic distributed time-critical systems.

He owns Time-Critical Technologies, Inc. until retirement on 1 April 2014

His primary focus is on advancing resource management in dynamic real-time distributed systems, primarily (not exclusively) for classified DoD applications, from devices to combat and sensor platforms to network centric warfare.

He lectures and consults extensively for industry, academia, and governments throughout the world.

He has authored/co-authored over 150 published scholarly papers, 120 during just the last 10 years.

He is also active in real-time standards organizations – e.g., he began the Distributed Real-Time Specification for Java, and was the co-architect and co-author of the OMG Real-Time CORBA specification.

Specialties: Real-time, distributed systems, distributed real-time, real-time Java, real-time CORBA, DDS, resource management, real-time scheduling, concurrency control, synchronization, operating systems, combat and sensor platform management, embedded systems, BMC2, network centric warfare, tactical edge, radar scheduling, kill chains, ballistic and cruise missile defense. Active security clearance.

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