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Steve Knight, I work as independent IT Consultant in the UK.

Expert in NT, Win2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, clustering, networking, Lotus Notes / Domino admin & design from V3 upto current R9.0.1, previously Netware 3.11 upto NW6.  Will try my hand at anything, IT or otherwise!

I was working on a lot of VBA apps and document automation which is what first brought me to EE and earned >100k points in the MS Office TA, lack of time around 2003 (Baby #1 etc!) took me away from the site. After getting over the fact that point inflation meant my hard earned 100k points was pretty worthless now (questions used to be often 50 points not 500...) I did start again more in 2006 (after baby #2) and since SteveGTR left the MSDOS area was actually able to get over 500k points there inbetween everything else ...  Baby #3 was born Oct 2010 and now dip into a question or two when I can.

I have started recording some of the many batch file, VBScript, LotusScript and other techniques I have answered in questions here at the following site: though please ask a question here and can add to the basic scripts for your requirements etc.

If you need someone there, I am always looking for paid short-term contract/consultancy work anywhere or longer term roles in the UK Midlands, rates very reasonable!

Contact details on site below:

Dual PCLP 5, Dual IBM CP 6, 7, MCSE NT4to 2003, CNE, CCNA
mailto: steve [#dot+] knight [*at&] dragon-it [#dot+] co [#dot+] uk
Skype -

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