Emile Jobity
Audio Visual Aids Officer
  • Port Of Spain,
  • Trinidad and Tobago
Member Since: 2009/02/04
Industry: Computer & IT
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Professional Background
Audio Visual Aids Officer
Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute
February 2013 – Present
Supports the IT Technician with repairing computer equipment and networking.

Manages and provides the organization with content on its website and intranet.

Standardizes and organizes the institutions content using appropriate multimedia tools and techniques.

Secures and manages the organization’s website using a Content Management System.

Recommends audiovisual equipment such as projectors, speakers, laptops and any additional audio visual equipment.

Maintains the company’s social media networks. Promotes the company’s services via social media.

Prepares and setup for Career Day’s.

Deliver presentations at career day.

Provides support for individuals in the use of proprietary software such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, IE explorer, Firefox, and Antivirus Programs.

Designed brochures and newsletter for institute.

Gave technical instructions on using Microsoft Office suite to a class at the institute. Developed a blackberry newsletter application for the institute, that can be found in the blackberry app store called “CFTDI Newsletter”.
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God has already put inside each and everyone of us an untapped unlimited resource of love, hapiness, and skills to live our dreams to the fullest. Everything is already there. Have faith and believe. – Emile Jobity 04/2015

Emile Jobity attended Belmont Boys’ R.C. school. After the Common Entrance Exam he attended Diego Martin Secondary School. Within that period his parents bought him his very first computer which was a Compaq. This stirred his curiosity for computers. He taught himself computer repairs and troubleshooting from fixing his own computer problems. He went on to repair computers for neighbors and friends in the community and was highly commended for his knowledge and assertiveness.

Mastering computer repairs and troubleshooting, he focused on another challenge – computer programming. He attended COSTAATT where he obtained an Associate Degree in Information Systems. With that knowledge, he applied himself and created his first software programme, which was a database for his favorite card game at the time, Yu-Gi-Oh. He also sold the program on eBay and made his first software sale.

After college, Emile constantly experimented with different business models to experience the same enlightenment he had when he was 17. He used his knowledge, skills and abilities to help many other people experience the same feelings of freedom and empowerment he had when he was younger. Emile co founded many small businesses, NGOs and helped current enterprises expand their operations and output with the use of Information Technology.

Apart from his professional life, Emile is a co-founder of the International Movement for Change, an organization focused on developing social entrepreneurship. He enjoys long walks, computer games, reading, networking, and having dinner with a few cherished friends, with interesting conversation over some good wine.

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