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Professional Background
Solution Architect
Borusan Danışmanlık
April 2013 – Present
•      Providing consultancy for internal customers to identify requirements and create, develop and implement solutions for the data centres and group company business units
•      Identifying and ensuring a competitive advantage is maintained for all businesses, while reducing the OPEX/CAPEX contributions
•      Producing comprehensive documentation to enable future troubleshooting of issues and to ensure best practices are implemented
•      Conducting trend analysis and reviews of capacity to ensure this is managed when purchasing new hardware
•      Consulting with the internal software team in order to identify improvements to the use of infrastructure
•      Completing maintenance of Linux and Windows hosts to ensure they are functioning at optimum levels
•      Additionally responsible for establishing and auditing virtualisation platforms, cluster systems, capacity plans, and completing research into new technologies
Leading and implementing the architecture for a range of projects including:
•      BC/DR: understanding the business requirements and producing solutions which meet with current and future needs, developing plans and DR solutions which require minimal changes to the current environment while avoiding disaster scenarios
•      Self-service portal and automation: responsible for identifying opportunities to improve delivery efficiencies and services, producing comprehensive architecture and project plans, reinstalling systems and creating services independently in order to automate services to reduce errors and meet the demands of clients
•      Hybrid Cloud: successfully creating a project to migrate workloads to a public cloud, completing all testing and creating benefits for services which can be migrated, and identifying new services which can be utilised, ensuring all existing SLA’s, regulatory and security requirements are met
•      Fileserver Consolidation: Proposing and developing a project to combine 42 fileservers across 30 locations within a central system in order to improve profitability and continuity, while reducing costs. Purchasing a cloud gateway solution and successfully consolidating the requirements of internal companies to create a standard, completing all architectural and operational activities, lowering the OPEX by 70%
January 2010 – April 2013
•      Responsible for developing the first Turkish orchestrator and laaS with public and private clouds, leading the creation of architecture to ensure client requirements can be delivered
•      Identifying requirements and developing the infrastructure within projects in order to create business and inner solutions teams to enable future new product and solution development
•      Successfully creating scripts, server configurations, and standards to meet with organisational requirements
•      Planning and establishing the infrastructure and auditing virtualisation platforms, as well as auditing network systems and cluster systems
January 2009 – January 2010
•      Responsible for managing the servers based in Turkey and Canada in order to control the Linux and Windows environments and support client requirements
Garanti Teknoloji
May 2007 – November 2008
•      Conducting comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the Linux mainframe in order to support the networking department within this large bank
Yeditepe University
Technology and Innovation Management
2014 – 2015
Yeditepe University
Bachelor Degree
Electrical – Electronics Engineering
2004 – 2010
Full Biography

Currently engaged in automation, orchestration, BC/DR, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, supporting my company in IT infrastructure operations, and guiding them through the path of becoming an IT service broker & private cloud administrators.

With a vast knowledge of OS, Servers, IT, and an excellent technical understanding of infrastructures such as storage and networking, I bring a wide spectrum vision to any technical and business issue I pursue, or any design I'm engaged in. 

In addition, at certain levels of my carrier, I've provided consultancy services for start-ups in technology and business development fields. I've personally involved in decision-making process of required technical and human resources for certain projects of the companies and creating optimum route maps for them in line with their strategies.

Highly skilled, creative and innovative Cloud & Automation architect
My personal skills include a fast learning pace and autodidactic nature which in turn help me achieve any goal I set myself.

Business Specialties:

•Enterprise performance analysis
•Mind mapping and TRIZ
•Competitive strategy for IT
•Technology Transfer
•Knowledge management strategy
•Business Continuity

Technical Specialties:
• Cloud Computing & Private Clouds
• Cloud Automation, Orchestration & Scripting.
• VMware vSphere Design & Deploy.
• Business Critical Application Virtualization
• Microsoft Server Technologies.
• Opensource Technologies
•Big Data
• Troubleshooting and root-cause analysis
• Design and Implement server infrastructure technologies.
• Highly knowledgeable and experienced in ITIL and IT Service Management Framework and TOGAF

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