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Professional Background
Data Analyst / Online Retail Development
Mediamix Distribution LLC
October 2013 – Present
►Online retail sales for eBay and Amazon utilizing various tools and customized SQL development.
►Integration and store launch with Solid Commerce, BigCommerce and Seller Active for inventory listing and warehouse data management.
►Development and customization of tools for replenishment, ordering and profit maximization.
Using Just in Time programming methods based on previous sales history and inventory, lowered stock outages and improved profitability.
►All Amazon and Ebay front and back end, including Seller Central, Ebay Dashboard, including Inventory Health and Buy Box reports.
►Increase of average per piece sale from $8 to $14 through pricing rule algorithm management.
►In depth knowledge of repricing software ChannelMax and Price Spectre.
►Staff training on data analysis through advanced Excel functions, VLookup and Filters
►Analysis of profit management and customer trigger points based on user behavior.
►Improved order fulfillment time and shipping logistics, through Solid Ship and Ship Station.
►ChannelMax and Seller Active integration with customized database development.
►Terapeak analysis of competitor product line and price sales points
Consultant (3 month contract)
Learn Language Hoboken
July 2013 – September 2013
►Web site redesign project management and WordPress implementation.
►ProClass merchant account and class scheduling software implementation. Including merchant account setup and implementation with Chase/Authorize.net
►Social media strategy build for Twitter, Yelp, Vimeo and Blog entries with ongoing scheduling and statistical review.
►Google AdWords review and recommendation.
►Content development of photography and video, including hands on production.
►QuickBooks Online implementation and training.
►Google Docs implementation and strategy for curriculum development and document sharing with instructors and students.
►Infrastructure improvements including hardware, software and wireless network expansion.
Fortner Consulting
May 2012 – January 2013
Remote administration within a Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2010 and Sharepoint environment.  Includes user account administration, VoIP network administration and Project management as required.
IT Manager
Goshow Architects
May 2010 – April 2012
►Responsible for 24/7 uptime in a deadline oriented, production environment.
►Weekly management staff meeting participant, setting priorities and reviewing status updates.
►Areas include all computer services, email, telecom and data support, user training, backup, file security and disaster recovery.  
►Also includes proper accounting, inventory and security of all licensed and installed software applications.
►Data and telecom services include bandwidth monitoring, virus and spam signature file updates and being the point person for resolving trouble issues with carriers.  
►Hands-on troubleshooting at the server, firewall and T1 equipment levels.
►Clear, concise communication with users to communicate information regarding outages and expected repair time-frame.
Network Administrator
September 2008 – December 2009
►Network Administrator for key NYC office servers, desktop and all telecom.
►Project manager on key call center telecom projects.
►User training and support for multiple global satellite offices.
IT Specialist
Serious USA, Inc.
April 2007 – July 2008
► Mixed Mac & PC network in design & production environment
► Desktop, Exchange, BES and mobile device management
► Project management for T3 installation
► Mac's included G5, G4, iMacs and Macbook pro's
► Full office relocation project management: Servers, workstations and phone cut over.
Information Systems Manager & Database development
Fine Creative Media, Inc. / MJF Books
February 2006 – March 2007
► 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of all network, telecom and data services.
► Mixed network environment (PC & Mac) within production environment. Heavy OSX experience.
► Access database development. Automating entry and reporting. Creation of new sales database containing 85,000 line items. Integrating business “silos” into one cohesive data structure.
► EDI review and recommendation working with Barnes & Nobel vendor and third party EDI providers.
► Visio network layout design for identifying growth needs and bottlenecks.
► FTP site management for vendor uploads and file management for book design files.
► Backup and Security on all business critical documents. Creation of security groups. New user setup review for security verification.
Information Systems Manager
July 2004 – January 2006
►Selection and Implementation (50K+ budget) of new SQL based billing system, Accumed Medical Practice Management software, to increase claim submission efficiency. Responsible for data export, implementation team, training and report development
►Negotiation of telecommunications contract resulting in an annual savings of $6K.
►Elimination of consulting contract resulting in an annual savings of $12K
►Implementation and rollout of Blackberry, RIM, handheld PDA units.  Includes setup, configuration and training.  Due to cost restraints, owners opted for “Desktop redirector”, but are currently considering Blackberry Enterprise Server for integration with Exchange.
►Currently reviewing competitive bids for small office telecom hardware providers.
►Selection and Implementation of networked Canon photocopier system resulting in printer toner savings of over 2K per year, and equipment savings of over $6K per year.
►Ongoing – Identification of suitable HIPAA compliant software vendor for substance abuse client management.  Goal is to integrate a separate Macintosh based billing system with this SQL product.
►User training on existing system with development of weekly training sessions.
►Web site benchmarks established in preparation for meta tag review, and key word media buy.
►Implemented a proprietary help ticketing system for more efficient, support desk, time management.
►Improved upon backup system by adding coverage for key managers laptop units.
►Launch of internal web based Intranet to consolidate and streamline cross department training.
Director, MIS
French Culinary Institute
1996 – 2002
►Supervise staff of 4, which includes monitoring and prioritization of day to day help desk requests and project management.
►Telecommunication implementation. Includes project management of Avaya/Lucent Definity switch, with multiple office location. All direct inward dial telephone number assignment, and integrated inbox implementation for unified messaging.  (Please see attached project summary)
►Telecommunication management. Managing ordering, installation, and troubleshooting of all data and voice T1 lines.
►HTML project management included initial iteration of web site, and management of vendor selection and all subsequent generations of site.  (http://www.frenchculinary.com)
►Statistical analysis and development. Improved web advertising based on source trend analysis.
Through customized data collection and queries, high quality, high yield advertising sites were revealed. This included data collection through form and field management.
►Hands on management of Email list, for improved communication with enrolled and prospective students.  Full implementation of EmailLabs / Up-tilt list management software.
►Implementation of credit card acceptance on web site.   (Verisign).
►Statistical analysis and report creation of lead pool, based on age and location demographics.
►Campus Management Software (CLASS) management, programming and implementation. Closely worked with Florida based company to address specific needs of user base.  Responsible for scheduling and coordinating training, upgrades and Foxfire report generation.
►Network Administration for a 150-user Windows NT network, including software support for all programs used as well as inventory management and security.
►Provide Help desk support for all users
►Hardware and software vendor management including product recommendation, purchasing and invoice approval.
►Vendor selection and project implementation of accounting software package. (MAS-90)
Sr. Financial Analyst
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
1992 – 1995
► Designed and Maintained database for college finance area of the Dean’s office.
► Network Administrator on 100-user IBM Novell 3.12 network, including mainframe connections     and software support for all programs used as well as inventory management and security.
► Project Management of Administrator Network - Designed, established and maintained a system for delivery of various data files to administrative support personnel. Included over 50 dept accounts.
► Maintained user database of biographic information on faculty members and non-academic personnel, which is the basis for generating faculty contracts and FTE counts. This database is also used to respond to University wide management requests to provide data.
► Prepared annual department profile, which includes trend analysis for department budget, recovery of indirect cost, space allocation and Medical College recovery of budget.
► Prepared annual application for Pennsylvania State appropriation, detailing cost of instruction
► Compiled annual budget report, including graphs, for publication and distribution to the University governing board.
► Special projects completed include: Download conversion of mainframe ASCII text files for specialized formatting and cleanup, and performing other services not available through the Department of Information Systems.
Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY)
General Business
1998 – 2000
Drexel University
Management Information Systems
1990 – 1996
Full Biography

►Hands on manager of all IT related resources, including servers, desktops, printers, plotters, copiers and phone system, in demanding work environments with high pressure pace. 100% uptime experience within sophisticated user environments.

►Includes all IT related budgeting, purchases and vendor management.

►I pride myself on my interpersonal communication skills and my ability to clearly communicate complex concepts to all staff & management team members.

Specialties: Networking Services / IT Strategic Planning / Data modeling / Team Leadership / Budgeting / Project Management / Capital Expenditure Planning / Contract Negotiations / Vendor Relations

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