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People have paid me for Computer work since 1991.
Been programming fulltime since 1995
Been building computers since 1989.
Been playing with computers since 1984.

So here is a brief history of my computing background if you care to read....

First computer Radio Shack COCO, then the rest of the COCO models, I,II,III
Then my blessed Tandy 1000SX. But man I want that Commodore 64 for the games.
Ohhhh Basic 2.0 I can type in these programs from the back of magazines...hmmmmm

Graduated to the Amiga scene...dabbled in video editing...Video Toaster anyone?
Heathkit and Amateur Radio is cool
Returned to the PC world...they broke more often so I could get paid more often to fix them :)
Packard Bell anyone? What is this Microsoft Works stuff anyways?
*sniff* remember logging on to a FIDO BBS? Tradewars 2?
Yesssss....DR DOS is better then MS DOS....what I can't install Windows 3.1????
WordPerfect Rules...except for those dumb formatting codes
Hah Sierra Games Rule!
BSOD is my friend
Ahhhh....1993 I got my first taste of Gopher, MUDs, FTP...now this was the stuff...oh yeah that new Mosaic WWW thing

1996 - Whoa this thing Linux is like cool. Slackware rules!

1998 - Hmmm...Apache....PHP...Samba....BIND....C...PostgreSQL things that make the world go round....

1999 - What Internet Bubble? I can write K&R C, ANSI C and even badly written C if I'm in a good mood and all for Low level Apache/Linux/Database....SQL I don't need no stinkin' SQL database....my C skills write better/faster databases then anything SQL could handle...ok well maybe I should write so others can read my code...I'll just write C++ classes

1999 - What??? You want to hire a Java programmer that has 7 years experience? It was only publiclly released 4 years ago. Man this thing sucks...it's soooo slow compared to C/C++ code....I need a 400mhz machine just to run a web browser?
2000 - BerkelyDB wow now that's pretty fast and portable
2002 - Well ok C/C++ code can be a maintenance nightmare....now if I can only convince my Boss that PHP4 Rules and we can extend PHP to have all our custom code added as new php functions.... Java isn't so bad anymore

2003 - Uh you want me to sell my soul to Microsoft? oh ok....VB, MSVC++, VB.Net 2003, eVB, eVC++, SQL Server 2000, here I come.

And so here I am today. 26 years old, and still having a blast with all things computing related.
My hobby/professional work includes:

Lego Robotics, RCX programming
Java - uh yeah...I don't use it much...but those Java powered cryptographic iButtons are cool
C/C++ - PDA development....now my fast algorithims can shine
VB - well I can write business apps really fast now...and some excellent GUI stuff----uh well maybe not easily. VB makes easy things easier, and hard things even harder
MSVC++ - Well VB is slow for some things so I'll just write a DLL for that
VC.Net - Better compiler but that CLR isn't quite portable enough yet...MONO maybe?
VB.Net - Ahhhh....finally VB that makes sense
SQL Server 2000 - Hey it's better then Access, and it's fast enough
Crystal Reports 9 - Lots of money for poor documentation, buggy, inconsistant... wait thats Microsoft Best Practices
Lotus Notes - Man why do I still have to interface with this
MS Office - All pretty useful except for the Access something or other
Perl - Good for proof of concept and throw away programming....for me only
PHP - Excellent as allways...and PEAR just makes it better
Apache2 - It just gets better and better
Tomcat - Well if I must do JSP then why not?
Linux Distro - Slackware at home, Redhat at work....see the pattern here?

There are many good things and stuff that you just have to MAKE work...that's life.

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