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30+ years in software and security

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Professional Background
Senior Solution Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
December 2015 – Present
As a Solution Architect part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise TS EMEAC Network Delivery, Worldwide Mobile Business Solutions team, my role within the Cloud Productivity and Mobility Initiative, a Microsoft and HPE strategic alliance to accelerate Windows 10 and Azure adoption, is to devise and design IoT and mobile apps based on Microsoft’s stack (Azure Cloud backend with Windows Universal clients). Then I drive and coordinate the implementation of the architecture with seven (to date) off-shore teams (India, Philippines, Egypt) in a Structured Agile Framework (SAFe) as Portfolio Level Lead Architect.

Among my daily activity, I support the account managers during the pre-sale phase, producing presentations and interacting directly with the clients when needed, carrying out the usual meetings with the clients’ relevant executives.

Key skills
•      Architecting enterprise grade cloud solution on Microsoft Azure
•      Architecting enterprise grade Windows 10 solutions (UWP)
•      Designing enterprise grade IoT software solutions (including SCADA)
•      Designing enterprise grade Hybrid cloud solutions (Public/Private clouds + on premise)
•      Leading a team of architects
•      Interfacing with internal account managers and external customers
•      Leading offshore development teams
•      Coaching and providing solutions to developers across teams
•      Holding training sessions and workshops
Director and producer
DFT Games
April 2009 – Present
DFT Games Ltd is an Irish based Independent Game Studio in business since 2009. The studio is specialised in cross platform development using state of the art tools like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Torque 2D, Torque 3D and next generation texturing with Allegorithmic Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

DFT Games provides both custom development and game re-skinning from its own portfolio, this to offer the largest range of options to its customers. On the Server side, DFT Games implements SmartFoxServer 2X, App42 or Photon, depending on the specific customer requirement.
Game design, monetization plans and implementation are among the custom services offered by the studio.

DFT Games operates as a family at its core, but also avails of a network of carefully selected contractors, so it’s capable of dealing with any kind of request, from the simplest re-skin up to complex MMO projects.

“DFT Games Limited” (incorporated in Dec. 2013) is an Irish company limited by shares registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office at No. 536949, VAT No. IE3229978JH.
Senior C++ Software Developer (R&D)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
December 2014 – October 2015
As part of Hewlett Packard TS R&D team, my role is to design and implement core parts of a new mission critical support service, part of which is embedded in HP devices, to allow remote monitoring and support of said devices worldwide. As a senior, part of my role has also been to coach and give guidance to junior members of the team as necessary.

The development and target platform is Linux in various distributions, such as RHEL, Debian and Ubuntu.My environment of choice is NetBeans 8 for C++ on RHEL6 Desktop. For unit and integration testing we use TAP libraries, C++ for the units and Perl for integration test.

As part of an Agile (SAFe) team, I also have to take active part in all the Agile ceremonies.

Key skills
•      Leading and coaching young developers
•      Collaborate in the design of the architecture of the new support  solution
•      Interfacing with internal account managers
Software Development Manager
Autentys International srl
May 1998 – November 2012
Software Development Manager with the Italian ISV Autentys International srl (, formerly Six Progetti SpA), and leader of the Research team to integrate the development pipeline in one single production line encompassing all, from the first analysis to the deployment. Since 2002 until mid-2007 I have managed and supervised the analysis of an innovative DMS (Dealer Management System) using the Mérise system integrated with UML (ERD and COR). The project has been designed from scratch for .Net (C#, VB.Net, MVC) and Multi-Tier (MS-SQL Server and IBM DB2/400) development. In 2006, while finalizing the analysis, we started the actual production and we delivered the full system in 2008. I have managed the whole project and the developers’ teams, also dealing with the Human Resources needs and presenting the phases of our new project to the customers’ manufacturers (RENAULT, IVECO and VOLVO). I have directed and participated in the whole product pipeline, from R&D to Development, QA and update cycles. In my position, I implemented a personalized revision of the Extreme Programming methodology (an excellent Agile spinoff) The product (Synaxi) is currently in use by the customers in Italy (IVECO, VOLVO and part of RENAULT networks).
I also conceived and developed three network communication management software (one based on native TCP/UDP over Sockets and two based on WCF as Web Services). I have furthermore analysed, coordinated and taken part to the development process of several satellite products necessary to manage the operational necessities of large automotive dealers.
Among my functions, beside development and management, there are the design of the network solutions (local and geographical), the identification of the materials and the suppliers, as well as the management of the projects and their onsite implementation.
I was also responsible for the IT design of Autentys International’s customers; this includes system, network, connectivity and security design. This is part of my side roles as acting CTO and CSO.
The contract ended because of unforeseen consequences of the economic crisis in our target, so Autentys in 2012 shrunk to less than 20% of the original company size, aiming to closing down.

•      Delivering cutting-edge software solutions
•      Client IT Infrastructure design and implementation as part of our turn-key package.
•      Supporting pre-sale team, presenting the solutions to the clients
•      Managing other developers supporting other employees and providing technical advice to CEO and meeting along the CEOs of our key customers.
•      Representing the company in a sales capacity.

•      Designed and ported the Dealer Management System from dumb-terminal to n-Tier client-server infrastructure
•      Designed two network communication protocols to satisfy dealership<->producer connectivity

Key Skills
•      Designing solution architectures
•      Project management, team management.
•      Assigned and reviewed tasks.
•      Facilitated communication between the IT team and business representatives.
•      C# and VB.Netprogramming (1.0-3.5)
•      C/C++ programming
•      Cool-Plex programming
•      SQL database design (ERD) and deployment
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Having 30+ years of software development, IT and security consulting and so on, makes me a very quick learner of any new technology. Since 2009 I'm investing time (and some money) in mobile and PC games development. I'm an expert in the whole development process in both games and management applications. Developing software, back-end and front-end, using Agile software development and XP approaches.

Main skills:
Designing and securing IT infrastructures
Designing & coding games with Unity Pro and Unreal Engine 4
Designing Multi-tier software
Managing Software Development projects (Agile and/or XP)
Managing the whole development life cycle
Solving any network infrastructure related issue
Solving any .Net related issue

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