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Senior Oracle DBA
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Professional Background
Senior Oracle DBA
Experts Exchange
May 2009 – Present
I run the Oracle database which supports the website. We are currently in the top 1,000 websites worldwide, which means we push a LOT of traffic.
Fun Cup Inc.
January 2006 – January 2009
The construction and sale of Fun Cup racing cars, as well as the promotion of the series.
Senior DBA
SiteLab International
2009 – 2008
Senior Scrutineer
Fun Cup UK Ltd.
January 2006 – August 2006
Senior Consultant
Giant Group Ltd.
January 2005 – August 2006
Various computer consulting jobs, focusing on Oracle DBA and UNIX administration.  Most were located in London, England.
Contract Oracle DBA
2006 – 2005
Racing Driver
Fun Cup UK Ltd.
January 2000 – December 2005
Senior Consultant
Sybersolve Solutions Ltd.
January 1999 – December 2004
Various computer consulting jobs, focusing on Oracle DBA and UNIX administration.  Most were located in London, England.
Oracle DBA
2004 – 2003
Senior Oracle DBA
SCEE - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
1999 – 2002
Senior Oracle DBA
2001 – 2000
Oracle DBA
Racal Telecom
1999 – 1998
International Consultant
Indus International
January 1997 – April 1998
Senior Sysadmin
Pacific Star Communications
July 1993 – December 1996
Senior Unix Administrator
Queensland Health Department
1994 – 1993
Senior Oracle DBA
Pacific Star Technologies
1992 – 1993
Unix Sysadmin & DBA
February 1991 – July 1993
Unix and Database Administrator
Queensland University of Technology
Graduate Certificate in Management
1998 – 1998
Griffith University
Bachelor of Informatics
Computing & Microelectronics
1987 – 1989
Yeronga State High School
Senior Certificate
1983 – 1987
Full Biography

After studying at Griffith University in a Unix/C environment, I started my working life in the mainframe space, doing Cobol programming on Unisys OS-1100 machines for the Queensland Government.  Shortly after I moved into VMS administration, then Unix, Ingres DBA, and eventually Oracle DBA.  I've stuck with Oracle for over 15 years now, with a mix of PostgreSQL, and various Unix flavours.

My work has taken me around the world from Australia, to Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, London, USA, and a few more stops in-between.

When I'm not working on Databases I'll be more than happy to talk your ear off about Motorsports, and I'm a keen competitor in the FunCup series.

I'll always try to give you the best advice possible, but I won't be held responsible for the results of using anything I post on Experts Exchange. Everything should be tested on a non-production environment first to ensure that nothing disastrous will happen.

You can contact me offline at this e-mail address:

                         67 72 65 67 3C 61 74 3E 67 63 6C 6F 75 67 68 2E 63 6F 6D


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