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Advisor / Consultant
Adam Smith International
June 2013 – Present
Helping ASI with large-scale program management, PM training and techniques - all using sophisticated software such as MS Project and Mindjet MindManager. See http://www.thepowertoplan.com for description of training seminars.
Consultant / Writer / Editor
January 2010 – Present
In addition to lecturing at Kasetsart University (Bangkok), I have regular columns in the Republica newspaper and in ECS Magazine (both based in Kathmandu Nepal), and I also produce tech tutorials for the Creative Cow Network. For writing samples, see www.jiggygaton.info.

I am also available for consultations on writing, editing and designing all forms of media — from advertising to video and everything in between. I am also often hired as a development consultant, for such activities as how to plan for saving the planet using MS Project and other tech tools, how to write a winning proposal, or how to visually communicate your development goals and achievements.

So what can I help you save today?
Phoenix Studios
January 2006 – Present
I am running a complete A/V studio that supports individuals, non-governmental organizations, and private businesses. Our focus is on projects that strive to make South Asia and Africa a better place to live.

Our past projects include fund-raising/awareness-raising media for Animal Nepal.org, Dave's Pet World, World Food Program, the World Bank, UNHCR, and UNICEF, just to name a few.  

Staff at the Studio also support non-governmental organizations with professional report writing, facilitation, training, and many other project-related support services.
Director of Communication
Animal Nepal (NGO)
January 2004 – Present
Here I manage communications regarding animal welfare in Nepal, as well as maintain websites, for example: www.animalnepal.org and www.stopanimalsacrifice.org.
Media Design Consultant
January 2000 – Present
Do you need media designs that work, i.e. get your message across to millions? Let me know, as I can help you with that.
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Phoenix Studio Corporate Edition is an extension of our ever-popular music studio, and is dedicated to providing a helping hand to the corporate and NGO community of the Kathmandu Valley, as well as to international businesses and development agencies. If getting a message out is your task, then Phoenix is your partner.

We offer all the services you would expect from an audio/visual studio, but where we stand out is in our understanding of your needs as a corporate executive or development agency manager. We have over 25 years of experience in helping corporates and aid workers develop important messages for new promotions or mission-critical programs. In other words, we know what we are doing, and we can do for you.

Whether you need a logo or brand make-over, radio jingle, voice-over, or an annual report - our creative staff is here to assist. Friendly, fast, and with exacting precision is how our services can best be summarized.

In addition, Jiggy has 30 years of project management experience, and is available as a trainer as well as a consultant to help your organization better manage projects, from small to large.

So please feel free to contact us today for a free quotation on your corporate or development need. Also, see our quarterly newsletters for promotions and discounts on services...

Specialties: media production, film editing, script writing, document editing and creation, media creation training, and program management services... to include expert MS Project plan creation and training.

Latest promotion: www.thepowertoplan.com

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