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Professional Background
Business Owner/Support Specialist
March 1994 – Present
Responsibilities: Planning and directing all functions of the computer consulting service company: establishing strategies, develop sales and marketing plans, analyze market trends and statistics, monitor sales performance, maintain and design internal and external infrastructure, evaluate and approve products and tools for business and customers, deploy personnel and resources, maintain and monitor network security, sending of external communications to customers, invoicing, accounting, disaster recovery planning, establish reseller/affiliate agreements with AVG Antivirus, VoIP, Boundless Cloud backups, and Vista Print marketing services, consult with customers and businesses on best practices, develop short and long term goals.
University of Phoenix
Associate of Arts
Technology and Web Design
2010 – 2013
Full Biography

HTDNET, LLC Established in 1994.

Originally named HyperText Design Network designing websites. At the time the owner now CEO, Matt Demaree, was just 14 years old and entering high school at Liberty in Bealeton, VA.

After serving his commitment in the US Army (1999-2003), Matt reopened the business, adding computer repair services. His reputation again grew quickly throughout the area but in 2005, he was recalled to serve in Iraq. During his 'downtime', while serving, he managed to maintain a growing list of web hosting customers. With his second and last honorable discharge completed in 2007, the business was restarted and quickly grew.

In March of 2014, we incorporated and added several new products and services. We can proudly say we are NOW a full service technology shop. What a ride!

We look forward to serving all of your technology needs, whatever they may be. Be sure to check out our managed computer services and phone solutions, but we offer a wide range of other unique solutions as well.

Meet the Business Owner

Matthew D.
Business Owner
Serving in the industry for a little over 20+ years. Matt has worked through the ranks in Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cyber cafes, healthcare IT services, small IT shops, and even global technology businesses.

He served two successful terms with the US Army and one being recalled to active duty for Operation Iraq Freedom. He was honorably discharged as a Sergeant (E-5) Non-commissioned officer. His military occupation specialty was Mortarman (11C) and secondary as a Forward Observer (13F). He served with 1st Battalion 75th Airborne Ranger Regiment, 1st Battalion 5th Calvary Regiment (1CD), and 1st Squadron 167th Cavalry Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA).

He enjoys technology obviously, but is also very active in the community and wears several hats such as a Firefighter with New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, he is also a member of Warrenton VFW Post 9835, and volunteers his IT expertise to assist the Fauquier SPCA.

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