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      Over 15+ years of experience in the areas of IS & IT Management including International experience in SDLC of all MS Technologies, Service

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Manager Operations
June 2016 – Present
      As  Operations Manager , We are managing infrastructure of our client (one of the top courier services) and am driving a team of about 10 engineers along with onsite counterpart to manage 20,000 + Windows servers (Physical +VMs).

      Looking after priority issues at the L4 Windows support and opening the premier tickets with Vendors like Microsoft / HP for Windows / Servers respectively for the issues pertaining to them.

      Planning the team rotations and publishing the shift rosters accordingly.

      Apart from Windows Team, Managing other Mainframes teams with the same client.

      Looking after the team training and updates and driving the weekly technical meetings to review the ticket trends and problem management.
Senior Consultant
HCL Technologies
January 2012 – June 2016

      As a Service Delivery Infra Manger, has to take care of the Microsoft (Redmond, USA) Cloud CRM Infra & Support Service Operations. Managing the more than 75 Live MSCRM Productions HBI, MBI & HRU Instances of MS & Partners along with 8 Data Center of the same. Providing the Hosted services for Dynamics CRM 2013,2011, 4.0 & Dynamics CRM 3.0 services include managing 75,000+ user count instances with high availability architecture. Making sure the Infra support delivery happens with in the defined SLA’s by MS. Responsible for the DR Services for the HBI Instance of Cloud CRM Services across various applications.

      Handling & Delivery responsible for Problem Management, Release Management, Incident Management, Escalation Management. Driving several KPI’s around problem management, this includes driving several programs for problem management, including technical and process improvements.  Drive the determination of problem priority and service levels. Deliver regular SLA’s as agreed.

      Report and Communicate progress of problem management programs to relevant parties and Drive and consult for incident solution identification. Drive regular review of service level agreement (SLA) performance data along with Review progress and results with client and (senior) management and Set scope for (trend) analysis.

      Designing & Implementing the BCDR for Mission critical Applications of Microsoft & Partner Business continuity planning, testing and document the process.  Working with MSCRM Products team on the need back for the escalations. Implemented the SQL 2008 and also implemented the SQL Denali Services.

      Leading a virtual team towards globalization initiatives, One Process model ( One PI) across the globe for the Business Org, Innovation Harvesting, and Roles & Responsibilities definition between Integration support & Production support teams.

      Requirement Forecasting, Budget calculations of Infrastructure. Involved in Risk Assessment of the Infrastructural services. Handling escalations, performing root cause analysis and Quality deliverability.

      Discussing Operational issues in weekly meetings with Director Operations (Microsoft) and ensuring their closure. Co-ordinating with Client managers, Technical Architects, TPM’s SPM’s from the service delivery perspective. Taking care of the Monthly Business Reviews (MBR) and getting the Sign-Offs.
Systems and Network Manager
June 2008 – January 2012
      Configured 18 Mbps different dedicated Bandwidths with CISCO 3650 Routers. Managing 6 different networks of 500 Users through FORTIGATE 2 Firewall UTM’s by configuring 4 Site-Site VPN’s of 3 US 1 PNG clients.
      Managing and configuring the Data Centre hardware which includes Routes, Firewalls, Manageable Switches, 18 Network RACK’s, handling total 36 Rack, Tower model HP, HCL and IBM Servers along with server sizing based on the project needs. Placing or Moving the Designed and configured Servers in to the Data Centre.
      Migration of Active Directory 2003 to 2008,  Full Cross Forest Implementation & Configuration with 4 DC and 7 Child Domains, 3 DHCP’s and 4 DNS Servers with full load balance & Fail Safe. File & Printer Servers & 2008 Web server with IIS 7.0.
      Deployment of 200 Users Siemens EPBX System along with VOIP implementation.
      Deployment of Two CRM 4.0 Server Farm Production & Dev domains inside the organization.
      Deployment of SharePoint Server Farm with MOSS & Designer and Windows SharePoint.
      Successfully Installed and Configured the AXAPTA 4.0 & 2009 Production, Development Domains inside and for Clients.
      Maintaining & administrating the 3 ESXi Servers of Entire Infrastructure with all VM tools like VM Analyzer and VSphere etc. Virtual server management and running the full DR system.
      Managing the Data Centre consist of 36 HP, DELL, HCL 64 bit Servers of Rack and Tower Models Infrastructure with 18 Network Racks of Systemax.
      Administration, troubleshooting and monitoring of windows 2008 Full AD with DC & ADC, DHCP, DNS, IIS, WINS, AV, WSUS, and WDS servers, email servers, Symantec EP Anti-Virus servers, deploying new group polices and domain controllers, handling replication related issues. Managing the RIS of windows and VPN with roaming profiles across WAN connectivity, managing the Local network with Linksys Gigabit Switches of 25, Total Wi-Fi system of 10 N series Linksys Wi-Fi Routers.
      Managed the Australian IS Operations along with CRM Full Domain Level Implementation.
      Managing VOIP server at GDC and maintaining the Global connectivity with all other locations.
      Designed, Installed and Configured CRM 4.0 Farm Production Servers, along cluster and fail safe along with SharePoint Farm Server, AX Production server, Servers, and website. Designed the Infrastructure through which the application can be accessed through mobile devices.
      Enabled the entire infrastructure to be accessible from mobile and Wi-Fi devices.
      Maintaining the 8 SQL 2005 & 2008 production servers along with DB backups & DB load balancing and server replications.  Managing the 6 live product development server’s environment with VSS.
      Recovery management, supervising the technical team to restore the database in-case of system failure. Implementation of backup, recovery, and monitoring procedures and ongoing support.
      Managing the websites of the Clients including the Hosting and Email Server’s maintenance and mailbox maintenance. Implemented the NAS storage of 4 TB with RAID1 & RAID10
      Handling a team of 10 members, monitoring, guiding & assisting the overall team in handling complex technical issues. Responsible for maintaining and developing of any IS policies, creating SLA’s in order to serve the entire organization across the locations. Performance reviews, appraisals decisions, training.
      Designed Total Network Architecture of Data Center which includes 95 Routers and 21 Firewalls with vast network extensions capabilities. Also Managing the total servers in both Physical and Virtual form along with managing existing and placing new servers in to Data Centre.
      Network configuration includes the various firewalls, Configured LAN/WAN policies and standards and ensures adherence to security procedure.
      Maintained and supported both the Physical and Virtual Infrastructure. Maintained high-level technology planning and design, accurately defining short and long-term objectives and present/future resource requirements.
      Configured the Alert management system using the MSOM for all the Servers.  Providing and managing the server with Remote access and Remote Service facilities.
      Server installations including the configuration and maintenance. Monitoring Infrastructure and Co-Location hardware and software to ensure a high level of data integrity and availability. Performing server evaluation and optimization on a regular basis.
      Designed and configured the Total Hardwar and configured the 8 Servers in Data Center along with DR system for MS AX-2009 implementation project in Australia being onsite.
      Designed, configured and still managing the New Data Center Built for BPNG (Reserve bank of PNG) which includes the almost more than 20 HP Rack Servers and HP total SAN System. Designed and configured the DR and BCP system for the entire Data Center along with a team of 15 members being onsite.
      Designed the total Domain of windows 2008 OU for more than 300 users in the Data Center, including the Hardware configuration, Server installations and configuration for NasFund in PNG in PNG being onsite with a team of 8 members.
      New Data Center with a team of 10 members for Fully Dedicated Hosted Model business, SaaS model , and Shared hosting model applications and services with DR and BCP for and as service.  This Data center would be having more than 35 Rack’s with more than 1000 Servers
Systems Engineer
GOTEVOT , Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
April 2000 – November 2007
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      Maintenance of the Windows 2003 Server DC & ADC along with Active Directory, full Implementation of Domain Level Policy, OU Level, Group Level policy implementation along with Exchange server maintenance.
      Handling configuration & maintenance of SQL Server 2000 & 2005 along with the production server maintenance of the Eprojectguru and Woltercluvers High Value projects. DB Recovery management, supervising the technical team to restore the database in-case of system failure. Backup, recovery, and monitoring of DB Servers.
      Planning, configuration, troubleshooting Domain Controllers, Global Catalogue Servers, FSMO roles, AD replication, DNS of TOP Innovations, Avlex Clients. Planning, implementation, maintenance of OUs, GPO, DFS.
      Disaster recovery of Exchange and Active Directory of Top Innovations.
      Maintaining a wide range of servers catering to the diverse aspects of business critical to the company’s operation including:
o      Mail servers, VOIP Server, Terminal Servers and Dedicated Servers
o      MBS Servers vis-à-vis Axapta, Great Plains, SharePoint and CRM servers
      Handling all L3 calls and IT escalations for clients of Top innovations and Avlex Clients.
      Implemented the following key features in configuring the MOM 2005:
o      Discovering database issues which allow the administrators to fix issues before the user encounter them
o      Monitoring outlook, outlook web access, outlook mobile access and Exchange Active sync latency  by using synthetic transactions
o      Generating alerts when the latency is over a predetermined threshold
      Handling a team of 15members including onsite, mentoring, guiding & assisting the overall team in handling complex technical issues.
      Identifying, negotiating & developing a reliable & cost effective vendor/supplier base for ensuring timely procurement and supply of various IT materials/resources.
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A technologist worked with different flavours of Microsoft Windows Server family , Microsoft Exchange Server Family, Microsoft Dynamics CRM .
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