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Professional Background
Test Developer/Validator
September 2005 – Present
developed Customer Requirements Analysis and ASP.Net 3.5 Fundamentals, validated tests for C# 3.0 and others
Sr.Software Engineer
April 2009 – June 2014
Developed ASP.Net web application using C# and Infragistics tools and jQuery/Knockout.  Also worked with Windows Forms applications and Silverlight.
Software Developer
August 2007 – April 2009
* Prototyped conversion of Powerbuilder software to .NET Forms using Smart Client Software Factory and Windows Communication Foundation.

* ASP.Net Web development to expose interface to existing PowerBuilder/Oracle system using Telerik controls.

* Automated builds using CruiseControl.

* Implemented plugin-oriented designer for radio-communications networks.
Fiederer Consulting, Inc.
February 1991 – August 2007
* Designed and implemented ASP.NET/VB.NET stock tracking software to manage internal Wegmans shares. Replaced paper-based stock system.
    * Provided additional Crystal Reports for an ASP based document management system for Wegmans Legal Department.
    * Designed and implemented ASP.NET/VB.NET egg farm software for Wegmans supermarkets based on existing Dataflex DOS application. Manages inventory, shipping, and sorting machine output. Graphically presents temperature and egg counter sensor readings. Does least cost formulation of feed to satisfy nutritional requirements specified via breed charts and knowledge based management rules. Reads near-infrared spectroscopy nutritional analysis files to determine content of available ingredients.
    * Added reporting and spreadsheet presentation functionality to Loan Portfolio management software written in Java/Silverstream.
    * Modified PowerBuilder 6.0 application used for check MICR scanning to use ActiveX components for serial I/O.
    * Wrote organizer software in Visual Basic. Wrote and used ActiveX components to manage calendar and access the address book (the latter component was written in Visual C++).
    * Implemented program in Microsoft Visual C++ to search the solution space for a geometric puzzle. Allowed segmentation of solution space to permit multiple machines to search in parallel. This was done in a sales support role to impress an executive (BMT was hired).

    * Wrote demonstration website using Active Server Pages with an Access database including a user database and maps (displayed by an ActiveX control written in Visual Basic) that the users could zoom/unzoom.
    * Ported Fleet Management System for local utility in C from a WICAT proprietary minicomputer to a PC compatible network using Netware and BTrieve.
Software Engineer
May 2003 – July 2003
* Designed and implemented (leading three other programmers) a web-based form design package intended for hospital clinical trials using C++/Oracle/JavaScript.
    * Loaded Oracle tables using SQL*Loader.
    * Implemented C++ wrapper class of Oracle 8i OCI (based on available Oracle 7 wrapper class).
    * Adapting this package to have front end handled by Perl using the Template Tool Kit to be consistent with other corporate applications.
Software Engineer
Advantage Systems Professionals
October 2002 – April 2003
* Designed and implemented web site to be accessible by police officers from their vehicle laptops. Allows viewing of complaint, address, and person data entered by dispatchers into existing schema as well as entering complaints and police reports. Simple reports and lists of values were done using the Portal user interface. PL/SQL was used to generate more complex presentations, maintain session data. and provide functions used by the simpler reports (about 50,000 lines of code). JavaScript (about 12,000 lines of code) was used for generating dynamic HTML tables and for validating forms.
    * Wrote C++ utility functions to extract data from Oracle export (.DMP) files and to parse registry data.
    * Wrote Java utility functions for summarizing structure of HTML files. Also used Java for Java Server Pages (JSP) for collecting parameters for queries.
    * Wrote ActiveX control in Visual Basic for caching rarely updated data on the local machine to reduce bandwidth for clients connected by slower radio links.
    * Installed Oracle 9i Application Server. Upgraded Oracle 9.01 database server to Oracle 9.2.
Principal Analyst
Business Modeling Techniques
April 2000 – January 2002
* Designed Oracle 8i database design for the US Postal Service’s credit/debit card unattended vending machine system. Implemented program to remotely configure vending machines and retrieve sales and alert data. Implemented utilities to analyze and summarize retrieved data.

    * Designed and implemented web site presenting an administrative reporting interface for the USPS system.
       * Supervised and mentored junior programmer who wrote several other packages used in the previously mentioned product system. Demonstrated how seventy percent of the code size could be eliminated by judicious encapsulation of common functionality.

    * Wrote ‘velocity-checking’ module for credit card authorization. data.

    * Wrote defect management package.

    * Implemented demonstration version of financial aid tracking software that would track student spending versus disbursements under a variety of programs.
    * Demonstrated the use of our WebDB hosted PL/SQL packages to generate other reports, such as appropriation management (HUD), positions about to open due to retirement for human resources, and project cost overrun reports
    * Generated proposed data model and deployment model for proposed USPS system (an enhancement of the vending machines that allowed them direct Internet connection) using Microsoft Visio and UML. Estimated project costs and duration using Microsoft Project.
    * Implemented Access front end for a billing support system at Concert which billed for Packet Switching, Frame Relay, Integrated Access, and ISDN in a flexible collection of countries.
Sr. Software Engineer
Vanteon Corporation
September 1998 – April 2000
* roject lead for Microsoft Visual C++/MFC project to implement security using encryption for file storage and remote computer access.
    * Provided graphic display component (to display JPG files) for embedded HTML browser using a C cross-compiler.

    * Assessed porting requirements for Motif network analysis systems (which mapped the placement of gas pipes and electric lines) to Microsoft Windows. Generated functional demonstration that displayed existing maps in Microsoft Visual C++.

    * Implemented constraint generation for educational software focused on mathematical formulae using Microsoft Visual C++ using COM interfaces to the browser.

    * Designed Motif-based routing system for transportation using Rational Rose UML. Implemented the system using C++ on Sun Solaris.

    * Streamlined procedures and revised software template for creating specific instances of enterprise software deployment planning tool tailored to each category of software using Microsoft Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, and Access.

    * Participated in design study of a public services commission web site.
Business Systems Analyst
Wegmans Food Markets
November 1991 – September 1998
* Developed data warehouse on an Informix XPS platform (12 nodes, half a terabyte). Deployed personalized promotion system with individualized mailings to 400,000 customers. This required integrating systems written as PowerBuilder, AIX shell scripts, ESQL/C, and COBOL.

    * Developed point-of-sale payment system (in C). Unix PC used RS-485 converter to poll/select up to 31 VeriFone terminals with magnetic stripe readers and PIN encryption capabilities and interfaces to satellite PAD. System provides status screens and financial reports.
    * Developed DOS-based emulator/debugger for Unix PC in Borland C.
    * Developed DOS-based compiler of ChequeOut7 (intermediate language used by the Verifone terminals) in Borland C.

    * Developed a credit and collections system, and a commercial billing system using PowerBuilder, a TCP/IP environment, and an Informix database server on an RS/6000. Systems received transactions from a Stratus ON/2 system, and sent updated authorization information to this system based on payments.

    * Developed an executive information presentation system in Microsoft Access presenting budget and sales information loaded from a mainframe in a multidimensional format in a variety of graphic formats. Mentored intern developing an Access front end for a departmental budgeting process.

    * Chaired Development User of Client/Server Technology group on Reusable Program Objects and pioneered use of automated Client/Server testing (using SQARobot) in the company.
Vice President/Principal Analyst
Business Modeling Techniques
June 1983 – November 1991
* Designed and implemented software downloaded to VeriFone PinStripe LAN based terminals to drive customer credit/debit/check approval transactions in supermarkets.

    * Supervised design of software downloaded to VeriFone PinStripe stand-alone terminal to control debit/credit scrip issuance transactions in convenience stores.

    * Designed and implemented interface to an Atalla security processor that performed DES key generation and PIN translation.

    * Created Document Indexing System to support legal case for local utility using C on a WICAT 68000-based minicomputer. Used to index microfilmed items by authors, titles, and keywords.

    * Created Fleet Management System for local utility in C on a WICAT minicomputer. Tracks vehicles, parts, and services. Imports fuel data for vehicles from system that tracks fuel usage using magnetic cards for vehicles. Later ported that system to a PC compatible network using Netware and BTrieve.

    * Wrote systems for projecting financial instruments (tax exempt bonds and REMIC mortgage pools) in C on NCR Unix systems.

    * Designed and implemented Informix-like screen and report generation package with multi-lingual extensions for telephone costing using C/Unix.

    * Implemented B-Tree file access method for use with 911 system and database package using C on PERPOS, a fault tolerant UNIX variant.
Coherent Systems
June 1981 – June 1983
* Wrote utility to categorize and plot time (color plotter) spent by Xerox field service representatives, presented as a tree graph with nodes colored to show actual versus planned performance using APL.

    * Ported and redesigned for performance an APL model used by local utility to present rate cases from mainframe to a WICAT 68000-based minicomputer.

    * Coded data transmission protocol including the generation and checking of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) codes using APL.
University of Rochester
1977 – 1981
All Saints
1971 – 1977
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