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My first commercial computer application was distributed on 8½ " floppy disks for the Xenix operating system in 1975.

For the last 30 years, I have been a consultant specializing in the use of modern marketing and technology to profitably grow a business. My client list includes large NASDQ companies like GTE, Cisco Systems and Jabil Circuit, as well as startups that have made INC Magazine's list of the nation's fastest growing companies. I have been a popular speaker for many trade associations and has taught technology, sales and marketing to thousands of business owners across the US and Canada.

While the majority of our engagements today are technology oriented, I have a long history of consultancies providing strategic planning, marketing, business analysis and management consulting to a wide range of clients in the technology, construction, healthcare and professional service industries.

In 1990 my practice started becoming more technology focused. In working with the technology staff in both small businesses and Fortune 500 level companies, I quickly realized smaller businesses were paying a very high premium for implementing technology solutions haphazardly.

In 1998, J. Riggin & Associates was formed in 1998.  Using the management concepts mastered during years of consulting and Open Source software, we began providing the services of an architect, project manager or general contractor to small business for technology projects.

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