Justin Merrill, MBA
Principal Platform Engineer
  • United States of America
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Industry: Computer & IT
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Professional Background
Software Engineer
February 2014 – Present
“True Full Stack Development” for the oldest telecommunications company in the world. The position has intense focus on the development of tools that are the AT&T International Corporate Standard for usages such as trouble ticketing systems (Unified Desktop), workflow processes for customer service representatives (SASHA & TaskMaster) & the automation of common resolution steps to correct outages (GOLIATH/ETHAN & TQI), service interruptions, & general troubles in the vast & ever expanding AT&T landline & wireless network for voice & data.

Position requires heavy use of Git Version Control for managing 20 repositories with a team of 20 developers, 4 System Engineers, 2 Database Administrators, 3 Project Managers, & collaboration with 4 other development departments for interaction with SOAP / REST APIs. Extensive QA & bug tracking for VERY poorly written SOAP Web Services delivered by IBM & continuous development of completely custom RESTful API calls for use with Mojolicious (Perl) & Ember.js frameworks.

Blended code base with mostly Perl & PHP, with some intensive refactor required from antiquated platforms (such as older IBM products like Java iLog). Support, development & enhancements to AJAX (jQuery) with Perl & PHP on a blended back-end with mostly MySQL, & significant MS SQL, DB2, Sybase & Oracle data sources.

Networking, SysAdmin & DevOps duties using multiple Development environments, Staging/UAT/Test Servers & load-balanced Production servers for the various applications. Command line from PowerShell, PuTTy, Git Bash & Cygwin for using NPM + Bower & hypnotoad (Ember.js), remote Linux (Red Hat) servers for all tiers of code release. CLI for Perl Debugger is essential for checking formats & deciphering poorly documented business logic & functionality to get the job done right.

The experience gain of working for #11 of the Fortune 500 is extraordinary for my career development &technical confidence as a Software Engineer & Application Developer.
Legal Expense Agent
LegalShield Independent Associate - Justin Merrill, MBA
February 2004 – Present
* Networking individuals and companies to legal benefits packages internationally
* Network marketing, Web-based marketing, direct sales and business presentations
* Business networking
* Sales & Marketing

I have used the LegalShield services for over a decade at a cost of $17/month. I have used this service for Traffic Court (representation in court for moving violations at no extra cost!), Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Simple Living Will & Testament (Included in plan for no cost immediately after sign up), Civil Suits (accrued credits for representation for Trial Litigation), Credit Repair/Disputes, Contract Preparation, Employment Law / Workmen's Compensation Advice, Financial planning and other general questions of a Legal nature with a great deal of success. Just having access to a Nationwide "army" of Attorney's that practice all areas of Law has been priceless in the advancement of my career, personal wealth and general well-being as a consumer and a business man. I highly recommend this service to anyone that has questions about any legal matter of any kind, as this service provides you with the access to all the legal information and resources a Legal Department could provide.
St. Petersburg College
Computer Science, Construction, Fine Arts, Sustainability
2004 – 2012
University of Phoenix
Masters Degree
Business Administration
2007 – 2010
International Academy of Design and Technology-Tampa
Web Development, Graphic Design
2003 – 2003
ITT Technical Institute-Tampa
Bachelor of Science
Electronics Engineering / Technology
2000 – 2002
ITT Technical Institute-Norwood
Associate of Science
Electronics Engineering Technology
1999 – 1999
Fairfield Senior High School
High School Diploma
Computer Science
Full Biography

* Application Developer / PHP Web Developer
- PHP, MySQL, IIS, Apache, Perl, HTML / CSS, jQuery / Javascript
* Technical Project Management
Primarily interested in Web Development projects using Open Source platforms and products such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, ISS, Windows or Unix/Linux, with MySQL and MySQL databases.

Specialties: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Perl, Apache, Computer Hardware, Networking, Database Management, Marketing, Electronics, GIS (ESRI ArcGIS), Powerpoint, Inventory Management, Project Management, Network Marketing, Flash, Photoshop, balloon animal making, and just being a super cool guy.

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