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I have spent between 10 and 22 hours a day building, fixing and programming computers since 1981.

I use and support Microsoft software for hundreds of PCs and thousands of users at several large organisations.  I also build new PCs to custom specs for large organisations, often  upgrading PCs across whole departments or organisations whilst maintaining the exisiting software etc.

MS often try and fob me off with their excuses such as "we can't solve that" or "have you tried it in safe mode" answers.  So on any given day I may love them or hate them!

I have an ESE degree and know quite a lot about digital electronics, fibre optics, digital, digital video and networking.

I have learnt the hard way that it is often better to choose a non Microsoft app or solution where possible.  I convince myself from time to time that Microsoft are good and brilliant and are finally getting there but it seem to last no more than a month at the most.

My current project is a general purpose EPOS application for windows and FreeBSD.  I am also processing and preparing programs for several large databases which will form the majority of a 100 000 page website.

My favourite languages are dBase, Perl, BASIC, ARM, java, javascript, html and French. I don't like asp, visual basic, activex or c, c+, c++.

My Favourite OSes are Risc OS and Win98. I don't like NT - I would choose win2000 instead.

My favourite servers are Novell and the various unix variants.

My favourite applications are Acorn Draw and Impression by Computer Concepts.

My most used application is Internet Explorer, followed closely by notepad.

I cannot know everything but I do know too much!  I get to do all the hardest stuff at work so I am not always as successfull as others, but people know who to ask when a problem is really difficult.

During my spare time I love to play the piano, practice my drumming, watch a good movie or listen to some music.

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