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I am a former longtime business systems VB consulting programmer who has not programmed in over five years, almost 10 years since using VB.  I now have a client who wants me to create an expert system in Access & Excel.  They don't know that I have EE and I ain't tellin'.

If you surmise that I AM AN OLD GUY WITH A FADING MEMORY AND BADLY ERODED CONCENTRATION you will have surmised correctly.  But I definitely did have a heyday.

I worked on the first Univac machine that came to California in 1956 to 1958.  I then dropped out of DP until 1970 but in the intervening years I did create business systems for a travel company I owned.  This was done on IBM's first time-sharing system, Quicktran, starting in 1965.  (Fortran was the only language of the system - but business systems CAN BE CREATED IN FORTRAN!)

Starting in 1970 I began creating business software systems on many mainframes and minicomputers, utilizing many different operating systems and many languages of the time.  In 1973, on a PDP-45 I started a time-sharing system for all the public high schools in New Orleans, and several large companies as well.  In 1975 I began creating some of the first Mortgage Banking Systems for Cal Fed S&L, the nation's largest S&L at the time, and for over 30 other S&L's.  

Later, starting in early 1992 (as I recall), I developed VB based systems for many companies of many various types and sizes.  These included a large local/regional plumbing company that eventually had 50+ offices; Taco Bell, Kraft Foods, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Honda Corp.; a multi-level marketing company with 900 "consultants" that grew to 25,000+ sales consultants on the system I created; a private security service with 80 guards that grew to 1400 guards on my complete custom system.  There were many, many other systems for many other companies as well, including "expert" decision-making systems for some huge public utilities including the nation's largest utility, TVA.

I genuinely appreciate any help that you can provide to me - and I think it is great that you help so many others as well.

My email address is: jack@jackcory.com


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