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Engineer II - Automation and DevOps
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Professional Background
Engineer II - Automation and DevOps
2013 – Present
I currently run Cloud DevOps for customers using these technologies:
vCloud Automation Center/vRealise Automation
vCloud Application Director/vRealise Application Services
vCenter Orchestrator
Windows, and others.

End-to-end knowledge of VMware's vSphere, automation principles, software/application lifecycles, DevOps principles, continuous integration and delivery systems (distributed and non-distributed), storage engineering, network engineering (SDN/SDDC), and cloud provisioning for XaaS within enterprise Windows systems and enterprise Linux systems.

Working knowledge and troubleshooting skills in these languages: Java, C++, JavaScript, Perl, and SQL.

Production implementations of bash and Python for internal systems.

Remediated customer mission critical applications by reviewing custom Java code and adjusted programming logic to reduce provisioning time by ~25%.

Taken lead roles for Cloud DevOps design, consulting, configuration, integration, and support for customers such as HP, Marriott, McKesson, Garmin, CitiGroup, Savvis, and Blizzard. Primary work is with Fortune 100/500/1000 companies.
Enterprise Systems Engineer
United States Marine Corps
2009 – 2012
Designed and administrated massive distributed enterprise military systems in the most secure locations for the US Pacific Command. Enterprise scaling with vSphere 3.5/4, Windows 2003/2008 and Cisco iOS and catOS.

Systems included MS Exchange, Defense Message Systems, and other authorized data network systems. Design, installation, advanced configuration, and maintenance of network and application services. Planning and execution of integration of multiple information systems in a distributed environment, evaluation and resolution of customer information system problems to maintain mission capability. Other responsibilities included anti-terrorism tasks, electronic key management (PKI/GPO included), combat support/logistics, and Marine Rifleman.
Marine Corps Communication and Electronics School
Computer Science
2009 – 2010
Full Biography

As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and of the Afghan war, I am instilled with three things: pride in the quality of my work, personal motivation, and teamwork. I design, create, patch, and support cloud systems through VMware's Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC). Whether that problem is build engineering with OpenStack on VMware through vCloud Automation Center or developing application lifecycle management, or even Video Games as a Service, I can make it happen, for all platforms! I've built out Bungie's Halo as a Service, called HaaS! I'm not limited to just one programming language either. I can actively debug and provide support for Python, Perl, Java, JavaScript, bash, and C++.

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