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During my education I worked with selling and building/configuring computers to small and medium sized companies.
After that I spent a couple of months teaching HTML at my old school before moving on to building and configuring computers and servers for banks, insurance and similar companies.
After 3 years of hardware and configuration I got a call from a startup company that wanted me to join them as a developer which I did, I spent 2 years developing websites, small applications and solutions for electronic payments on the internet until they went bankrupt. I prepared for a long and nice vacation and the first day as unemployed on of the larger consulting firms in sweden called me and asked if I would like to sign with them so I did and the day after I was sent to this huge medical company to do support. Apparently they liked me and after the termination of my contract they hired me to do support and server maintenance. After 3 years of telling people how to change their toners, reinstalling computers and makeing sure the servers were up and running I got really tired of that and terminated my contract, a couple of days later the company where I work today called me and asked if I could come and talk to them, apparently I had applied for a possition with them.

So now I spend my time as a System/network admin at a company that makes the coolest simulator on the market, the one with the reverse button :)

My target areas at work is Windows and Linux servers, a couple of Cisco VPN 3005 Concentrators and a Pix firewall, a few world wide offices covered by one big LAN and some backup.

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