Matthew Ayers
Senior Systems Adminstrator
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Industry: Communication
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Professional Background
Senior Systems Administrator
CDP - Global environmental reporting system
November 2017 – Present
Managing and maintaining 30 windows servers and 6 linux servers hosted on a private cloud in a commercial data centre and in Microsoft Azure
Managing and maintaining approximately 300 desktops across 3 primary sites on two continents and a number of small (under 10 people) offices located throughout the rest of the world
Administration of the telepresence devices and meeting room equipment
Managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 in an Internet Facing Deployment using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 as a database
Managing and administering ADFS
Managing Docker and containers in a high-availability swarm (25 unique containers per environment)
Administration of the datawarehouse, hosted on Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Deployments of the custom written applications the in-house development team write
Performing fixes in the C# .Net and Ruby on Rails code written by our in-house development team
Assisting the developers with debugging
Performing changes to the systems, starting in a development environment, moving to QA, UAT and finally into production
third line support
Interviewing candidates and making recommendations for several different posts including permanent and contacts
Automating system changes and administration with puppet version 4
Training and Knowledge transfer to the rest of the team
Scripting the deployments of containers and supporting infrastructure
Troubleshooting Kerberos and Linked server issues
Fantastic Fireworks
June 2017 – Present
Rigging, firing and clean-up of professional firework displays using FireOne, Pyromate P45 and Cobra firing systems
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An extremely reliable, conscientious professional with excellent technical knowledge, project co-ordination and interpersonal skills gained from both current and previous roles. Capable of managing wide-ranging tasks, has the   ability to implement simple, workable solutions to improve and streamline working practices.  Displays a hard working attitude and a strong desire to succeed, always working to the best of his ability and with the best outcome for his employer in mind.  With excellent communication skills and proven experience of working in busy, challenging roles, he can develop and maintain strong working relationships with people at all levels, working equally well individually or as part of a team.

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