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Mike Blaszczak has been a Microsoft employee for more than nine years. After two years of work in the New England office of Microsoft Consulting Services, Mike moved to the Visual C++ team late in 1993. There, he worked primarily on MFC and eventually served almost two years as the Development Lead of the MFC/ATL team.

After a reorg in March of 1999, Mike decided to leave the VC++ team and joined Microsoft's Consumer Products Division, where he worked on a plan for Home Automation products.

In November of 2000, Mike joined the SQL Server Data Warehousing Product Unit.

Mike has been a long-time contributor to the MFC-L mailing list. Mike also recently completed "Professional MFC With Visual C++ 6", the fourth revision of his book for Wrox Press. He contributed an irregular column to "Visual C++ Developer" from Pinnacle Publishing and has written several other magazine articles. Mike has done many presentations, including sessions at Boston University's WinDev, Microsoft Professional Developer's Conferences and TechEd shows. Mike delivered the keynote presentations at the Visual C++ Developers Conferences in Amsterdam, Yokohama, and Boston in 1998.

Mike likes performance driving, motorcycles, photography, ice hockey, and beer. He currently campaigns a 1987 Porshce 924S in the local auomobile club racing circuit.

The opinions he expresses are Mike's alone; Mike does not speak on behalf of Microsoft.

A special note: Unfortunately, Experts Exchange has become more difficult than it is worth for me to participate in. It's too bad, as I used to think EE was a great forum to help my customers. Hopefully, you can find me somewhere else. Good luck with your project!

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