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IT Director
June 2015 – Present
Scottsdale, USA
– Exchange migration 2007 to 2013, Exchange DAG deployment with single witness file server and two Exchange DAG members.
Support on WatchGuard firewall and Brocade switches – Creating firewall policy for web server, web development server, SSL VPN access and restricted VPN access, LACP for aggregated multi-pathing of Vkernel and storage network using two 2 gig network adaptor from server, switch and netapps FAS.
Replaced HP switches with Brocade and migrated Sonicwall firewall configuration to Watchguard X400. Installed three new HP Gen8 Proliant servers with ESX 5.5 and recently upgraded to ESX 6 and now ESX 6 update 1. Configured ISCSI storage volume using Onsystem manager on Netapps Ontap 8.
Upgrade ESX 4 to 5.5 using Veeam zip conversation of each VMs and migrated to new ESX environment.
Created aggregate and ISCSI LUN with snap mirroring to publish in ESX host.
Repurposed old ESX server to NFS storage drive by installing Centos and publishing NFS share which were eventually mounted on ESX for VDP appliance. Used LACP on switch and aggregate feature on CentOS using four 1 gb NIC.
Deployed VDP appliance with full feature after upgrading ESX and Vcenter to 6 version. Further, upgraded ESX to release 6 update 1 to address  storage issue after first upgrade.
Created recovery test task on VDP and test restore. Scheduled image and application level backup for Exchange and SQL server.
Completed DFS replication of SYVOL with four stage DFS migration from FRS. Deployed Windows 2012 DC after enabling DFS replication of SYSVOL.
Setup mirror port for LANGUARDIAN to monitor network abuse and downloads.
Created policy using Desktop central for MAC based systems and joined El Capitan and Yosemite to domain.
Deployed SharePoint on test lab to prepare of production deployment of Sharepoint 2013.

•      Arizona Reproductive Service – Deployed 20 Wyse terminals, setup ESX 5.5. VCenter and Vcomposer for fixed pool of desktop with Essentials and 10 seat concurrent license for VDI.
Network Engineer
Upproductivity and Kinetik-IT
December 2013 – June 2015
Phoenix, USA
•      Support and medium client business server for Windows Server. VMware/VDI infrastructure support, backup and storage. Exchange 2007 and 2010 support, firewall (fordinet/Sonicwall). Primary medium size client are Institute of Supply and Manage (Educational and certification), Innovion (Foundry and Microchip wafer manufacturing plant), Lincoln Laser (Laser manufacturing plant) and including list of other small business clients.
•      Schedule task of monitoring and maintaining Exchange Servers, Windows Servers, backup systems (Symantec BE, Nova backup, Quadrick backup solutions, StorageCraft), Anti-Virus solution ( Trend-Micro, SEPM, Vipre), VMware servers and VDI administration, live migrations of servers on non-cluster 2012 servers and clustered 2008 servers and Vmotion of host and storage on ESX based clients, storage administration, firewall.
•      Project (Innovion) - Migration on Exchange 2003 to 2010 for a client office based in two sites San Jose and Phoenix and mail access from Phoenix, WSUS migration, external DNS migration, VPN server setup with Ms Remote Routing. Migrated Host server and Exchange VM to San Jose site. Made sure Exchange talks to new DC and GC on that site and made necessary changes to external DNS for forward and reverse lookup, Fil server and Printer server migration, DFS root and target migration. Upgraded Symantec Backup Exec from 2012 to 2014 and updated database and redeployed agent on all servers. Upgraded SEPM from 2010 to 2012 and deployed agent on all workstations.
•      Project (ISM) - VMware LUN allocation from SAN using HP left hand and HP centralized storage management, Recreated cluster and host again after fixing name resolution issue and enable fully automated VM cluster, renamed cluster to enable VMware view desktop pool editing feature, refreshed images for pool and created new replica. Installed and upgrade Directory sync server to 64 bit 2008 for Office365. Fixed ADFS issues by fixing replication issues on ADFS servers renewed the SSL certificate on ADFS server to address SSL and SSO on VDI infrastructure.
•      Setup RAID 5 and 10 and Installed new server 2012 with hyper to installed file server and SQL VM
•      Project (Bella fresh) - Fixed Active directory sites replication issue and netlogin issues on computers based in two sites Texas and Phoenix. Created sites and subnet in AD sites and services in AD and created script using sysinternal PXE tool to enable netlog on all workstations.
•      Project (Cereus graphics) - Fixed cluster disk issue by stopping cluster services and rebooting SAN from Dell storage management. Performed live migration of machine on three node hyperV host and moved them back after fixing the host01 issue on hyper-V cluster of three nodes with shared disk from Dell SAN storage, Re-provisioned TS server and resources for TS session.
•      Project (CopperState) - Fixed auto discover exchange pop up by applying new public SSL cert to resolve four names.
•      Project (ClimaptePro) – Seize AD from crashed server and moved FSMO roles to primary host machine. Restored second sever from old backup and joined it as member server to restart SQL services on crashed server.
Associate Consultant
May 2013 – October 2013
•      Worked with transformation and transition for documenting information about AD structure and migration.
•      Prepared questionnaire for knowledge transfer about AD structure, replication, sites, trusts etc, Listing of GC server in existing environment and bridgehead servers in different site. Worked with VM team for preparing documentation on P2V of existing DC and upgrading DC to Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 for 24 DC locations in four datacenter and few all-purpose servers in branch offices and sites.
•      Attended continuous meeting with asset management team working with SNOW report for count of assets, transformation team to keep track of hardware lab/ datacenter to connect to client network remotely. Also, conducted weekly training for AD, DNS, DHCP, Sites, Trust, Group policy & preference and templates for new hire.
•      Meeting with asset management team, internal management for inputs on increasing availability, performance, scalability and the security of existing infrastructure. Analysis of SAD report for storage (EMC VNS series and HP storage), P2V migration of VM and upgrade to Windows 2012, listing of assets for migrating to 2012.
•      Constantly implement solution  by performing test home based simulated lab to prepare solution for transition to 2008 and 2012 server using virtualization using VM Workstation-9  two laptops and IOMEGA SAN.. On lab I implemented storage Vmotion, SAN and NAS based on simulated NetApp and Starwind trial apps, Home based lab incorporates two ESX server with VCenter appliance, Three active directory encompassing 2008 and 2003 servers, Exchange 2010 Hub, Mail, CAS and in IP based site link and default BH server. One 2008 server with NPS/NAP role, WSUS, DNS and a 2003 enabled for RAS, DHCP, NAP, NHV without DMZ. NetApp has preconfigured simulated lab and Starwind has all data stores for my Virtual infrastructure. Successfully moved lab from Windows hyper-visor to VMware to test solution based on my new profile for VMware virtualization and VCP certification. Working knowledge of Power Shell CMDlets, SCOM 2007, and SCCM 2007.
Senior System Engineer
May 2007 – December 2012
India and US
Toyota Financial Project:  June 2010 – December 2012
•      Software deployments, O/S deployments using Windows deployment feature of SCCM and patch management with WSUS feature of SCCM, monitoring asset with SCCM 2007.
•      On site inventory update, data center operations, recycling and de-banning of old systems and servers VM issue, support
of client application and O/S, deployed 500 VM desktops and servers.
•      Analyze, troubleshoot, and manage projects to resolve a broad scope of technical challenges for clients using Citrix
based applications, RAS server, server print queue management and migration.
•      Active Directory support for group policy object, bulk migration of objects, maintenance of Active Directory, Mail box and
DL, Print queue management, Data access management, Administrating Data access and shared location using Distributed file system interface.
•       VM support and migration using Vsphere client and web
interface, Support for all web based application, Thinapps , AS400 applications and database applications.
VDI setup and support for WYSE terminal, deploying images of WYSE terminal. Deployment of SSO solution on VDI infrastructure and profile synching.
•      Conference calls and meetings with Asset management team, Recycling vendors, Manager at client location, Change
•      Management team, Service desk lead, Application team, SRT for critical service restoration and to implement solutions and deliver services based on ITIL framework.
•      Desktop virtualization with ESXi and deployment and imaging of 500 WYSE terminals,
Migration of mail servers from Lotus notes 7 to Outlook 2010.
Configured and implemented scripts for printer mapping, drive mapping, Outlook training ID deployment of training
•      Worked with VB script, batch files and PowerShell to automate application launch, profile setup , printer mapping and thin apps deployment.
Project and assignment:
•      Desktop virtualization with ESXi and deployment and imaging of 500 WYSE terminal,
•      Migration of mail servers from Lotus notes 7 to Outlook 2010.
•      Configured and implemented scripts for printer mapping, drive mapping, Outlook training ID deployment of training WYSE terminal and profile cleaning script on break room and training room computers.
•      Found and resolved firewall and port issues with vendor based application like Nice, FedEx and assisted network and firewall team to correct the issue.
•      Implemented media consoles (80” TV) on the recommended patch panel port & switch, configured the device on network and made firewall and proxy exception for http port.
•      Deployed Thinapps for legacy applications, which were not working after IE version upgrade.
•      Worked with networking and cabling vendor for reconfiguring VLAN, movement of network printer and devices for new carpet installation of entire building.

National Grid: May 2007 – June 2010
•      Remote troubleshooting of applications issues, O/S issues, access issues. Lotus Notes issues.
•      Configuration of network print queue and access management of fire, printer, mail boxes.
•      Creation of mailboxes, DL, user accounts, shared folders, roaming profile, home drives.
•      Reporting of AD user accounts and objects using CSCVDE export and modification using LDIFDE scripts.
•      Deployment of software and packages using Unicenter deployment tool and troubleshoot issues that were documented on ticket system.
•      Report generation of systems and software from inventory report using Unicenter deployment tool.
•      Monitoring DCHP scopes and the lease on DHCP server and fixing Name resolution issues on clients. Resolving DNS servers using NSlookup, DNSconsole and DNSCMD.
•      Worked on migration of H drive and users profiles.
•      Worked on software deployment, patch update and package deployment project, which including the daily rollout of report and pending report.

Project and assignment:
•      Migration of user mailboxes and shared mailboxes.
•      Migration of home drive and network drives, Configuring Citrix Client.
•      Deployed and upgraded Ellipse in 3000+computers for project billing and received certificate of acknowledgement from client Operation Director.
•      Worked in collaboration with Server Management Team, Storage team to minimize the risk of data losses and network connectivity whilst substantial amount of network share where migrated. The recovery “Project of migration” was acknowledged by service delivery manager
•      Effective and on time completion of the project billed of Mims mass application update-roll out patches, incorporating patches and solution from Software deployment team.
Access Admin and SD Analyst
Fidelity Investment
August 2005 – May 2007
•      Remote support for users in India and Europe.
•      Analytical review of AS400 applications, SAP, VPN client, web application and a wide range of critical finance applications (Asset Management application), Outlook OST, PST, mailbox restoration and liaising with other support team for attaining resolution in time.
•      Active Directory – managing user account, group accounts, email accounts, contacts, profile and shared drive management.
•      Handling phone calls and email from internal users and logging correspondence and criticality on internal ticketing database.
•      Facilitated support for new clientele (COLT) for the automated financial tool developed and distributed by FIL. Documented support manual and client process during the course of support and problem solving.
•      Facilitated knowledge transfer with the aid of documents and presentation to increase the support strength for new project.
Senior Technical Support Officer
November 2003 – August 2005
•      Managing the entire environment such as user data installing and administrating Windows 2000 and Windows 2003
•      Worked on Microsoft client support for Small Business Server 2000 for resolving issue related to boot issue networking, installation and directory services. Contributed inputs on Microsoft knowledge base for linear and logical troubleshooting.
•      Windows XP support for boot issue, driver issue, manual recovery of XP using system hive, repair of master boot record.  Attended OS support calls transferred and escalated by OEM support like Dell, Compaq and HP partners of Microsoft for boot issue and registry fixes.
•      For a year, worked on IBM project to support IBM client and users interfacing with lotus notes and connecting to DOMINOS sever. Additional support included basic infrastructure of AS400 and print queue management
•      Vendors for early and effective resolution.
•      Received a performance acknowledgement “Power of US” card from VP of IBM office.
•      Documented series of effective resolutions for internal Microsoft Knowledge database.
•      Attended escalation calls for Microsoft XP support.
•      Selected among the members of fourteen staff for supporting Windows 2000 Professional Desktop project and succeeded in attaining 98% customer satisfaction in the first three months of inception.
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