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Hello. My Name is Pratik Roy.

I have been in the IT industry since Jul 1994. When we started, we used to work on DOS, and Unix. Windows started growing in front of our eyes. I still remember those days. I was amazed to see the initial versions of Windows. They used to start on the DOS platforms. To run windows, we had to type WIN on the DOS prompt, and now its a fully grown OS :) It gave a very soothing feeling to our eyes. We had just seen the characters, and zeros and ones, before that ... :-D

I have worked on a lot of languages, and platforms, but I have mostly worked on the Oracle and related products - like forms, reports, designer etc. I used to love C++ (including the MSVC++, MFC, SDK etc etc). C was my strength - And I still love them. I have worked on Informatica's PowerCenter, which is an ETL tool. I Had worked on PowerBuilder, and age old Foxpro ... And COBOL, REXX, PLI SQL, etc etc ... :)

You can find my site at :

I would welcome anyone, who wishes to help me out in completing this site, and work with me to fulfil a lot of innovative ideas. You can mail me some good ideas as well ... A team is always better than ONE :)

Email me at :

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