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Professional Background
Network Admin
May 2017 – Present
Buffalo, NY
Responsible for 11 locations. Making sure everything works, phones, computers, networks, cameras, printers. servers. Run cable if needed, setup AP's, configure stuff, fix desktops/laptops...

I kind of fell into this job. luck was on my side. I'm learning some things as I go and also get paid for it. Need to learn more about Cisco switching and also perfect my phone skills which are fairly new and I realize it will take a little bit before I am able to do the phone work myself.
Ford Motor Company
May 2016 – Present
Computer Consultant
Southwest Computer Solutions
January 2005 – Present
Mobile technician responsible for troubleshooting and resolving technical problems for a nationwide home builder. Provided coverage up to 100 miles from Southwest Florida. Responsible for setting up work orders daily and coordinating with the end user until the job is complete. Completed jobs before desired deadlines. Provided onsite setup, repair and training as needed.

• Maintained and repaired computer systems to improve speed, reliability, and efficiency of operation.
• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems and remain flexible in a dynamic work environment.
• Excels in handling unpredictable situations and day to day customer support.
• Provided day to day customer support. Engaged in direct marketing, consulting and customer retention
• Evolved in a dynamically changing environment. Dedicated and eager to learn.
• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems.
Erie Community College
In Progress _ CCNA
2015 – 2015
Took the first half of Computer Networking Support and then life got fun...
Full Biography

I've been in the IT field since I was 15. I used to use Apple 2 E's in grade school with 1.44 as i'm sure many of you have. First computer HP 33 MHz for 1400 bucks or maybe more. I was 8 at that time and AOL was the hottest things happening along with CompuServe/prodigy cd's in every book imaginable.

I'm taught by some great bosses over time and alot is trial and error. I have a huge interest in the IT world, CEH, Cyber Security, Network Admin ( Kind of my current job). When I start something if its an 8 hour thing then so be it. I like the challenge!

the community here is great and super helpful. TY for all your input.

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