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I am currently based in Rochester, NY.

I have worked in the computer industry since 1994.  Of that, 4 years were spent building and repairing PC systems for white box manufacturers.  For the last 8 years I have been involved in consulting: PC and Macintosh support, and networking related hardware.  Some place in the middle there was two additional years of second level (B2B) phone support for a $25K product (division sold out of area).

I have installed, configured, supported and managed,  Novell 3.12, 4.12, 5.0; Windows 2000 Server, XP and 2003 Server (both SBS and regular). I am an advanced user of unix and very comfortable at the command line.  I do not take part in the holy-war of which OS is better, there are trade-offs no matter what is used.

My primary interest is in Network Infrastructure Support. I configure, design, install and troubleshoot both wired and wireless networks. As a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 2002, I understand the concerns and caveats with wireless networking interference and propagation.

The equipment that I run at home currently (2006) consists of Compaq Proliant servers, 3 laptops - one is a PPC based Intel RS/6000 (RISC) with AIX 4.15 (max. supported); a couple of G4 towers - OS9/OSX 10.3 and 10.4, there are also a couple of Dell workstation towers that I use for testing

2005 basement flooding casualties (8 inches of water for 2 hours): (2) APC SmartUPS 2000; a Sparc Server 630MP; Compaq Proliant 1500 file server (the disk store 3 feet higher up survived);   and a 7 drive scsi DVD burner/Jukebox.

If you wish to contact me about a potential job or service you need performed, or a job offer, I can be reached at:

- =  gadgetconsulting at yahoo dot com  = -

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