Robert Silver
Sr. Software Engineer
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Professional Background
Sr. Software Engineer
Distinctly Digital Services
November 1992 – Present
*Designed and implemented many highly secure Perl cgi-bin based MySQL Database driven website projects including a production on-line book store and several transactional commercial E-Commerce sites that transact credit card transactions.

*Designed and coded calendar and picture catalog viewer applets and Java JPA/Spring MVC  framework based JSPs and servlets on behalf of clients and DDS infrastructure and converted many Oracle, MSFT SQL  and MySQL databases on contract. Both Annotation and XML configurations used

*Provided system administrator management across multiple Apache servers as far as iptables based security and locking
down ftpd, sendmail and apache servers as well as installing and using SSL certificates.

*Provided SEO(Seach Engine Optimization) support by adding tags in html, JSP and Perl cgi-bin generated webpages.
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Database Administrator (DBA) and Software Engineer for over 10 years with expertise in both workstation client software and real-time database driven website based transactional applications development on highly secured servers and workstations. Designed, implemented and configured many databases within Linux/Unix, Microsoft Windows, as well as Vmware and server and workstation environments. Backed up, restored, tuned and maintained Oracle SQL Servers and MySQL Servers allowing for around the clock database access by users as well as providing user support for all database applications.

My goals are to build lots of successful  database and software projects and make the firms I work for lots of profit which I would share in.

Specialties: Oracle database database administration, Oracle DBA, apache web server, J2EE, JDBC,applets, servletts, html,CSS, XML,  document management service,e-commerce, apple, automation,  backup,  bash,  credit card processing,  crystal reports, disaster recovery planning, eclipse,  javascript,  jbuilder,Linux, Windows, OS X,  microsoft access, MySql DBA

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