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MWeb Solutions Pty Ltd
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Experienced .NET Dveloper | Software Engineer

      * Strong expertise in design, development and publishing of web applications for private enterprise and high profile athletes -,, using Microsoft technologies  ASP.NET (C#)
      * Expert skills in HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and XML
      * Strong expertise in developing Content Management System (CMS) for websites offering a simple, affordable way for clients (of all skill levels) to update, maintain and take control of their content.
      * Solid professional experience as software engineer using object orientated design principles
      * Design patterns and Microsoft Patterns and Practices used with extensively to ensure efficient, thoroughly tested, extensible and proven implementations.
      * Advanced skills in database design and implementation using SQL Server (PL-SQL) and Oracle (T-SQL) - tables, indexes, constraints, relationships, stored procedures, views, triggers
      * Experience in graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
      * Worked closely with all clients and their customers to leverage the highest measurable benefit and return on investment for their online projects.
      * Proven ability to introduce process and procedures to improve workflow and efficiency

Career Snapshot

2005 - 2004     Exel (Australia) Pty Ltd     ASP.NET Web Applications Developer
2004 - 2001     MWeb Solutions              Director | Web Applications Developer | E-Commerce | Consulting
2004 - 2002     Max Training                  Director | Online Triathlon Training
2002 - 1996     Equity Systems               Senior Software Engineer | Web Developer
1996 - 1994     Settlements Clerk           Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Australia

Web Development (Expert | Senior Level)

      * ASP.NET (C#)
      * ASP (VBScript, COM)
      * Microsoft Patterns and Practices using Enterprise Library
      * HTML | CSS | JavaScript | DOM
      * ADO.NET | ADO | Web Services | XMLHTTP
      * XML | XSL | SOAP | DTD
      * Graphic Design - icons, images, animated gifs, flash movies, banner ads, optimisation
      * SQL Server (T-SQL) and Oracle (PL-SQL) - Packages, Tables, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Views, Relationships, Constraints, Triggers
      * Search Engines - Submission | Meta Tags | Robots | Spiders | Content Optimisation

Software Engineering (Advanced | Senior Level)

      * Java - Components | Applets
      * GUI Development using AWT
and Swing
      * OO design principles and UML
      * Design Patterns
      * Package design (jar files)
      * Size implications (of inner classes, abstract listeners,
      * interfaces and anonymous classes)
      * Web Interface design for applets using HTML/JavaScript
      * Java Servlets

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