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"The one who says it cannot be done...
should never interrupt the one who is doing it"

Update: I relocated to Sandy, UT in August 2006.

Programming since 1990

School (1990-1995): LOGO, BASIC, Foxpro, Lotus 123, COBOL.

Engg College (1995-1999): C, C++ (DOS version)

Work (2000 ...):
Delphi Developer since year 2000: Worked on Delphi 1,3,5,6,7 and now Delphi 8 for .net also.
C# and ASP .net

Work details:
2000 to 2002: IMRB International (
  Responsible for design/development of the products "Media Xpress" and "Magic Box".

2003 onwards: ACS Inc (
  Worked for Metlife Individual SBU.
  Worked for ACS CORE team (WebDE).
  Worked as team lead for SAT Blue (Empire) project.
  Currently I am India Team Lead for ACS's PMO LaunchPad group.
  My present work involves ASP .net, C# and Delphi 8 for .net applications.
-> I love product development and I also love working on time-critical projects!

Joined ExpertsExchange in 2003 ("Why didn't I do it earlier?" is a question I have been asking myself ever since!)
I am not an expert yet: I try to provide solutions as I feel helping is the best way to learn and to pay back for the help I have received.
I avoid posting in the lounge, doing cleanup etc. from office (I do it from home), but if there is a programming question I can answer, I try to answer it at any time of the day :-)

I am from India. Born in Bombay, studied in Pune University, my parents moved to Madras (now Chennai) while I was studying, first job was at Mumbai (By the time I got my job, Bombay had been renamed) and now, I am in Bangalore.
Moral of the above story: I am more Indian than I am a Bombayite or Bangalorite or any other :-)

snehanshu <at>

"A Ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for...!!!!"
- John.A.Shedd

My EE History:
  My role-models here:
  Meikl (kretzschmar), Slick812, Ferruccio68, sunnycoder ...
  Sep 29, 2003: First EE Expert points (Started with 2000 points in C).
  Oct 27, 2003: Qualified for Premium services (10K expert points).
  06 Nov, 2003: My Delphi expert points (7640) for the first time are more than my combined points for c (3000) and c++ (4630). It's important because I am supposed to be Delphi guy!
  01 Dec 2003: Volunteered for cleanup (Delphi TA).
  19 Dec 2003: Questions answered = 50.
  24 Jan 2005: I reached Master Level for Delphi programming on January 24, 2005
    Qualifying question:
    Questions Answered: 123.

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