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Professional Background
System Administrator
Justin Malone
February 2014 – Present
As a systems administrator with ARMA Global, I have been able to quickly submerge myself in a variety of IT related technologies:

• Operating with live working data center equipment

• Being able to recognize specific access control within active directory to better understand permission sets

• How to maintain some of the military’s largest data networks

I have had the opportunity to work on many new systems such as Microsoft Lync products, as well as Cisco’s Nexus family of equipment.

I have gained a much finer understanding of the granularity of TCP/IP connections and how security systems function to protect sensitive data as it traverses the network.


★ Significant Accomplishments ★

• Creating and modifying various scripts to automate tasks for both users and other technitions

• Managing access and permissions to Microsoft Lync servers for both networks within my prevue

• Assisting other sites in the process of troubleshooting and enabling Lync services
Signal Information Services Non-Commissioned Officer
April 2000 – February 2014
During my time in the military, I have worked on many pieces of equipment from point-to-point wireless devices to HAIPE encryption devices. In.

In Germany I helped install and troubleshoot a McAfee based Data at Rest solution that used a PKI solution to enable full disk encryption of military computers.

My responsibilities included maintaining information on the Information Assurance status of a large group of soldiers. This meant ensuring that they did their required yearly training and conducting occasional inspections.

I also updated people on the best practices for keeping themselves safe online both at work and at home.

In addition to regular training, I also developed training material to help soldiers earn the required certification to obtain IT positions within the military.

Training focused on CompTIA certification such as A+, Network+, and Security+.

During several deployments, I was part of a team that went out to remote locations to establish, maintain, and sometimes teardown remote IT infrastructure in order to push required services to the most remote regions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Several of these locations were key failover locations with backup routes for the wider view of the network.

★ Significant Accomplishments ★

• Troubleshot redundant point to point wireless links to both stabilize the network and enable multiple paths out of the local environment in a forward environment (Iraq) with OSPF as the routing protocol

• Implemented help-desk systems to streamline and keep track of patterns of common issues

• Wrote network-based scripts for various tasks from automating computer tasks remotely to locating equipment over the network using a variety of scripting languages
Tier II Support Agent
November 2005 – November 2006
At AT&T I worked primarily as a Tier II DSL technician. The bulk of customers that I helped were home users and small businesses that were unable to connect to the internet.

My job was to determine where the issue was, and within my allowed scope, resolve that issue so that the customer could connect to the internet.

I also aided field technicians who were either initially setting up service, or were at someone’s business/residence trying to figure out a chronic issue.

I began writing BAT scripts to automate tasks that customers might find more difficult to do manually such as modifying portions of the registry or getting basic information from the computer at a command prompt.

I also wrote some VB6 programs to automate tasks such as completely removing AT&T Yahoo! Software. And a few others for other employees to standardize a format for notes so that anyone can read them and quickly understand what the previous person did.

This position required a lot of unique knowledge for AT&T specific devices such as DSL modems and how they operate at at least a basic understanding of how things like PPPoA functions, and how to set up various consumer wireless routers for customer use.

At the time, AT&T had a partnership with Yahoo!. There often arose a number of issues that required AT&T and Yahoo! Technicians to work together.

I worked on this team contacting customers about tickets they submitted that required Yahoo! technicians to resolve.

★ Significant Accomplishments ★

• First AT&T contractor to be selected to work on Yahoo! Escalations

•  Worked directly with Yahoo! technicians to resolve software and database issues

•   I wrote a VB6 program designed to keep track of ticket assignment and create a small chat system for others in the Yahoo! escalations team to communicate.
American InterContinental University
Master's degree
Information Technology
2010 – 2011
American InterContinental University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Internet Security
2009 – 2010
ITT Technical Institute-Lathrop
Associate of Science (AS)
Computer Networking Systems
2003 – 2006
Full Biography

My experience leads me to a managerial role in Information/Network Security, my education to a technical role, and my passion to Information Assurance.

I'm a highly analytic thinker and view people, process, and technology in a slightly different way than most. When I first look at an information system, be it a network or a physical access mechanism, the first thing I see are vulnerabilities.

I can do this because I strive to understand the small pieces that make the gears move, and the core principles of a given technology.

The better I understand how all of the fundamentals of a system work with each other, the more likely I am to discover and understand the root cause of any technical problem.

I am dedicated to resolving the challenges we face when attempting to implement secure measures without significantly impacting business operations or continuity.

If you are looking for a bit more then bullet points, feel free to check out my blog NETWORK SECURITY ( http://www.jwaresolutions.com ) which covers a variety of IT topics relating to digital security concepts and vulnerabilities.

I would prefer to stay in western Washington, however I am open to relocation to: San Francisco Bay area, San Diego, Tucson and Hawaii.

★ Feel free to email me at jmalone@jwaresolutions.com

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