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Professional Background
Senior Software Engineer/Technical Writer
Lagniappe Pharmacy Services
2001 – 2013
Duties included:
- Writing customer Release Notes.
- Editing internal documents.
- Proofreading customer newsletters.
- Designing and developing software enhancements.
- Coding bugfixes.

1)  Company was formerly Opus-ISM LLC (2005-2012) and The Opus-Core Corporation (2001-2005).
2)  Was rehired in October, 2001 after position had been eliminated in December, 2000.
Senior Software Analyst
Lagniappe Pharmacy Services
June 1986 – December 2000
Duties included:
- Designing and developing software enhancements and new features.
- Coding bugfixes.
- Providing support to customers, ranging from answering routine questions to troubleshooting data issues.

1) During this time period, the company was known as The Opus-Core Corporation (1996-2000) and Core Software Solutions (1986-1996).
2) Was rehired in October, 2001 after position had been eliminated in December, 2000.
University of Pennsylvania
Computer Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania
Computer and Information Science
Full Biography

I am an IT professional with a strong background in both Technical Writing and Application Development who is looking to leverage my superior writing skills into a career in Technical Writing.

When a software release is ready for deployment, and Release Notes are needed, I am experienced in creating such a document. In addition, I am capable of improving rough drafts of technical documentation into a finished product. I accomplish these goals by conveying technical concepts in plain English, and by using my editing and proofreading skills to their fullest. In addition, I am adept at adapting my documentation to the needs of its intended audience. Finally, I am a versatile writer who can craft non-technical content as well.

With my dual background in both programming and documentation, I am especially qualified to be a Technical Writer. Having been a developer for so long has made me very familiar with the process of creating user-friendly software, which enables me to take the same approach when creating end-user documentation.

In addition, I am also willing to take on a position that involves only editing and proofreading, whether or not the subject matter in question is of a technical nature.

If you wish to contact me, please email me at Thank you.

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