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Smoke Jumper
PEBKAC Technologies
August 2014 – Present
Lees Summit Missouri
Having a go at it for myself...  Individual Sub-Contractor to PS firm as primary engineer on SMB engagements under duress and in need of help.

Currently reverse engineering an environment with a $6 million dollar revenue stream and employes 600 individuals.  

Reverse engineer their environment, identify architecture tasks needed for an industry standard deployment true-up.  Once the smoke has subsided and the lay of the land is visible, provide options for future deployment.  Will stay attached at the hip of the IT team and lead all remediation and fix activities.  

Once that's been completed and a go forward plan delivered... Package up my chute and drop into the next SMB in dire need of help.

All without another individuals ego above me pushing a nameplate that makes no sense what so ever.

Fortune favors the bold and all i want to do is solve riddles and help someone who really needs it, willing to accept the help, and in the end give some time back to those families who have been missing out on their significant others time due to administrative fire fighting.

Safety First!
Storage Administrator
Layered Technologies
April 2014 – July 2014
Kansas City Missouri
If you can't say anything good; best not say anything at all...
Lead Storage Administrator
DST Systems Inc
January 2013 – January 2014
Kansas City Missouri
Very conservative group that I wish all the best to!
HPSD Solutions Architect
August 2008 – January 2013
Kansas City Missouri
Pre sales technical side of a two man sales team.  I figured out; I'm an engineer and not a salesman.  I was good at it though and put some good architectures together for some great clients.
Systems Engineer
August 2008 – October 2010
Kansas City Missouri
Had the great opportunity to move from the customer side to the vendor side to which the position was 50/50 pre and post sales support.  They were a global company of 600 employees, took pride in their product, and a very close and tight group of individuals.  

The scenery changed fairly quickly after the purchase by HP...  

It's challenging to integrate with a company the size of 350,000 employees world wide and the silos of politics and bureaucracy associated.  

It was a great experience, got to be involved in some very interesting corporate environments, and very fortunate to have had the experience!
IT Infrastructure Archtitect
July 2006 – October 2008
Overland Park Kansas
Hired on when the Sprint Nextel merger was going through and was part of the initial seed employee base to which the vast majority were executives with very few peers.

Responsible for standing up multiple test/release environments prior to the employee badge over from Sprint.

I was instrumental in the build of 6 different environments, in about 20% of the floor space originally,  and less $6 million in cost...
IT - Telephony - Call Center - Operations
June 1995 – July 2006
Overland Park Kansas
Started out 18 months on graves in the contact center for Interactive Toll Free and Pre Paid Card Services.

Left as a primary troubleshooting resource for the Call Center silo that was under direction from hatchet man Stout to be led by IBM services.  Reduced a 20 man team to 5, brought in 40 badged IBM employees and the best way to describe that "success" is this statement made on a conference call...

Project Manager:

"...Timing, okay, timing is important...  So what time zone, central because you all are in Kansas?  Is the central time zone considered Stratum 5?"


"No! Stratum 5 is Mountain!"
United States ARMY Engineer Corps
Landmines and Explosives
1991 – 1993
Full Biography

All things geek...  If you can get a terminal window or console to it; more than likely I can test/design/deploy/maintain/troubleshoot it.  I'm not creative at all; however, I do have a talent for taking different systems that were designed for one purpose, string them together, and enable additional functionality.

Increasing system efficiency as well as tracking down, isolating, accurately defining, and follow on corrective actions of deeply entrenched and chronic system and platform issues have become a strong point of mine.

Although I'll be the fist to admit, left without anyone to challenge me, I'll find the Hebrew Torah Code in a "Where's Waldo" book if left to studying it long enough...  

It's a good thing to know your, well, limitations...  It can be difficult sometimes having a limitation that's also your strongest quality!

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