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I have worked with VB since version 4 (both 16-bit and 32-bit back in those days). Before that worked with a variety of BASIC dialects on different platforms, including
GW-Basic (BASICA),QBasic, QuickBasic, AppleSoft BASIC, Atari Basic, PDS, VBDOS

Originally I worked part time for a company called Plusfactor International Ltd, which speciailises in Accounting packages for the construction industry. I also worked full time for a company called Auckland Software Ltd writing applications for Retailers, specfically for Windows NT, using technologies such as VB6, MSMQ, MTS/DCOM, COM, ADSI, Windows Installer etc.

I then moved from Auckland Software to Plusfactor permanently for four years, and worked as Lead Developer and Project Manager for the Plusfactor/32 project, which used Crystal Reports, VB6, and Jet/Access.

I am now working at Auckland Software again and have been since about 2003. I've spent the last two years or so working in C# 2005, mostly with Windows Forms applications although I've dabbled in ASP.NET in both 2002, 2003 and 2005 versions of VS. I've also done a (very) little work with the compact framework.

I have recently gained my MCP, MCTS (Windows Applications) and MCPD (Windows Applications) certifications from Microsoft.

I've also done some contract work - including a DOS system for running a Clothing Factory, a lotto system and money exchange system for a small Pacific Island country.

Highest level of education was High School.

I have a blog at, not that I have a lot of time to blog these days. I also have some freeware software/utilities at for those who can get to that site (there seems to be some kind of DNS issue).

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