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Professional Background
IT Assistant
Daviess County Public Library
January 2013 – Present
My duties at DCPL include: general tech support, EnvisionWare PC Reservation administration, Active Directory & Group Policy administration, Deep Freeze administration (including DF anti-virus), imaging/configuring/deploying PCs (using Norton’s GhostCast Server), basic networking (patching, cabling and rewiring ports),tracking computer usage & wireless statistics, event programming, computer education (classes now in planning stages), podcasting (currently in planning stages), and writing unique content for our website.
Online Contributor
Geek Magazine
July 2012 – Present
My duties for Geek Magazine include: covering geek culture exclusively for GeekExchange.com using Wordpress and the Kapost CMS.
IS Tech II
Bluegrass Cellular
May 2011 – January 2013
My duties for Bluegrass Cellular, INC. included: general tech support, remote troubleshooting, Active Directory account creation & some administration, Microsoft Exchange account creation, imaging/creating/deploying new workstations, setting up POS stations & equipment, and traveling to several stores across central KY for installs & troubleshooting.
Online Contributor
Wing Damage
May 2010 – July 2011
My duties for WingDamage.com included: writing "I Am Error," a monthly column poking fun at low quality, retro video games. I also co-hosted a podcast in which the games of the month were discussed.
PC Technician
Muhlenberg County Public Library (Central City Branch)
January 2011 – May 2011
My duties for the Central City branch of the MCPL included: general tech support, basic networking, light ILS administration work, equipment installation, social media marketing, ordering music and computer education (based on lesson plans of my own design).
Owner, Editor-in-Chief, Online Contributor
July 2007 – May 2011
My duties for Insulinfunk.net (partnered with a friend to create site) included:  creating & editing daily posts covering geek culture, administration & design tweaks (Wordpress-based; my partner created the template), managing a staff of 3-4 writers, building a revenue stream (this was scrapped), podcast co-hosting & editing, and social media marketing.

Note: I gave up the site after being hired by Bluegrass Cellular, INC. Balancing managerial duties with that job proved too difficult and the site suffered because of it.
Network Engineer
Timberland Bank
December 2010 – December 2010
My duties for Timberland Bank included: tech maintenance & troubleshooting (remote and on-site), upgrading/installing new PCs, and Active Directory account creation & administration.

Note: Living in a new city 2,000 + miles away from my home state proved difficult for me; after only a short time there, I knew that I had to return. I expressed this to my boss at Timberland; he was sad to hear it wasn't working out for me, but he understood what I was going through completely. The library welcomed me back with open arms; however, my old job had been filled. I was allowed to return as a PC Technician for MCPL’s Central City branch.
System Administrator
Muhlenberg County Public Libraries
July 2007 – December 2010
My duties for MCPL included: SirsiDynix Unicorn & Symphony ILS administration (handled one full upgrade), server administration (assisted vendor with one server replacement), general tech support, configuring/upgrading/installing PCs, ordering technology, circulation statistic reports, computer education (based on lesson plans of my own design), event programing, podcasting, ordering music, working circulation, and event programming.

Note: I reluctantly left this job in 2010 and accepted a position with a bank based in Hoquiam, WA; I didn’t visit the town beforehand nor did I have any ties to it. This, as my subsequent note will reveal, ended up being a mistake. Living so far from my friends & family was too much to bear.
Daymar College
2001 – 2003
Muhlenberg North High School
1994 – 1997
Full Biography

I’m a likable fellow with lots of experience in IT, computer education and writing (journalistic & creative non-fiction) in a public library setting. I have also logged numerous hours performing tech support in a corporate setting.

Specialties: PC maintenance & troubleshooting, SirsiDynix Unicorn & Symphony ILS administration/upgrading, Active Directory administration, Group Policy authoring, Wordpress (management, editing and authoring), Squarespace (editing & authoring), Social Media Marketing, image editing, writing and event programming

I now hold my temporary librarian certification in the state of Kentucky. I'm enrolled in classes at KCTCS in order to earn my full paraprofessional certification.

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