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Biz owner, not an IT guy, but have been involved in all the IT and software dev, and worked with all the consultants on stuff, now I am learning to code and to be the IT guy.  Have "had it" with wild goose chases caused by lack of "butt on the line" attention to our day to day, cannot depend on consultants to keep up with our needs, but, not anywhere near ready to hire  a full time IT pro.

Current server is only server, a Xeon 3210 on DQ965GF with 8GB ram and 3 sata's in RAID5 via the Intel Matrix software raid.  Runs SBS 2008, Exchange, DNS, file server, SQL Server 2008 R2 and it pushes our code and database to LAN clients.

5 LAN users, lots of SQL reads, not many writes.  At this time I have each user on a network log in, Outlook is .ost, but everything else runs from their workstations, everything but the custom biz app, which is run from the server.

I am now starting to experiment with a new machine I bought, will be here next week, no OS.  This machine will be the second server.  Current plan is to make it a SQL Server and nothing else, but, also now tinkering with idea of ESXi and then install Server OS and then SQL Server as VM and maybe add another VM for Web server.  This is the current hardware:

New not yet installed server I am experimenting with is

SUPERMICRO X9SRA Single Socket R (LGA 2011) E5 ATX Workstation/Server Motherboard DDR3 1600 12xUSB, 2x PCI-E 3.0 x16

Intel Xeon Six-Core Processor E5-1650 3.2GHz 5.0GT/s 12MB LGA 2011 CPU, OEM - CM8062101102002

Kingston 8x4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Registered DDR3 1600 Server Memory SR x4 Hynix C Model KVR16R11S4/4HC

Using 2 discs in raid1

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