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"Carbon fiber hoods", or as our friends across the pond like to say "Carbon Fibre Bonnets" are our primary products here at CFH. We manufacture our own line of CFH Carbon Fiber Hoods, but we also carry popular brands such as VIS Racing Sports and SEIBON CF vented hoods.  http://www.carbonfiberhoods.com  Has a large selection of Nissan 240SX carbon fiber hoods.

Remember back in the day, all the back in the year 2000! No I'm not talking about Andy Richter's sci-fi future, I'm talking about the debut of carbon fiber making it's main steam appearance in the sports car market. Everyone was making carbon fiber or just learning how. Wow, we've all come a long way since then and one thing we've all learned is that Polyester resins are horrible! Remember those hoods that would instantly fog up and get hazy? That was largely due to the fact that they were made with polyester resins.

We only use epoxy resins on our CFH parts, never polyester. The VIS and Seibon products are also made with epoxy nowadays.

Why do we care? We care because too many consumers are unaware about BAD carbon fiber products. There are established manufacturers and eBay sellers who are dumping inferior carbon fiber products. Too many consumers make the wrong decision before purchasing a product. Most manufacturers will not give you any of this information because a sale is a sale and they do not care about the consumer. We are going to revolutionize the carbon fiber industry by telling YOU all of the secrets that the other manufacturers do not want you to know! The last thing we want is a bad shopping experience.

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