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Unlimited access to:
24/7 tech help
Real-time certified solutions for all your tech issues.
Certified Professionals
Customized, 1:1 assistance from the greatest minds in your industry.
Solution Guides
On-site assistants who oversee each issue from problem to solution.
Every certified solution
Proven solutions in minor and major technologies, updated daily.
Information protection
Prevent your questions and identity from public view and search engine visibility.
Rapid solution response
Adjust the priority of your time-sensitive issues for faster attention from experts.
On-demand online training
Expand your skills, learn anytime, and prep for certification exams.
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Everything in Individual, plus:
Account manager
Personalized help for your team, from account set up through site exploration and help solving problems.
Custom dashboard options
Improve department collaboration and management with transparent access to internal issues, discussions, and projects. Administrators have access to their own dashboard where they can monitor employee activity and update licenses as needed.
Private groups
Effectively communicate about specific topics and internal projects, away from public access.
Infrastructure monitoring
Receive alerts and visibility into site availability and reputation, domain integrity, and more.
New-member onboarding
A personalized walkthrough of your account benefits and services, conducted individually or for the whole team.
Custom plans available
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Everything in SMB, plus:
Localize your distributed IT team
Align your entire IT team, no matter where they’re located, with simplified, centralized communications, the ability to unify troubleshooting efforts, and visibility into company-wide issues in real time.
Client success manager
Receive the highest level of on-site support, with exclusive access to a client success manager who plays a key role in improving the way your company works.
Consultations at no extra cost
Access certified industry professionals for any issue, without the high overhead cost of hiring an external consultant each time a critical issue strikes.
Custom Enterprise dashboard
Personalized internal insights built to meet the specific needs and reach of your enterprise IT operations—all in one central location.
What payment methods do you accept?
Individual Accounts can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal*. Business Accounts can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover when the Business Account is purchased through the registration page. ​If your organization is required to issue payment via check, wire transfer, or ACH/EFT, please contact our Business Account team. They can help coordinate payment dates and provide you with payment instructions. The Business Account team can be reached by phone at +1 (877) 211-8911 or by email: business_accounts@experts-exchange.com. *Please Note: PayPal is a third party processor that acts like your 'bank' and stores your payment information. We will not have access to your payment information.
How does the free trial work?
Every new user who wants to sign up will receive 7 days of free access to our site offerings. This is a complimentary, all-access pass to our many exclusive benefits, including the ability to ask questions without delay, all existing AskerCertified® solutions, and a growing library of online courses. Payment method is required at sign up, but if you cancel before the end of the trial, you won't be charged a subscription fee. At the end of your trial, you will be charged based on your selected plan and your subscription will renew automatically.
How do I buy more than 20 licenses for my company?
To sign up with more than 20 licenses, please contact our sales team for a demo and a quote. Custom pricing options are available depending on the volume of licenses you require.
How do I upgrade my Individual license to a Business account?
To upgrade your account from Individual to Business, go to "My Account" and choose Personal Billing. Select Change Subscription. From here, under the Business Account options you'll see the option to select Upgrade. Choose your license count and select Next. Enter your payment information and then you can proceed to set up your company dashboard and send out license invitations to your employees.
Do you provide any pricing discounts for nonprofits, government institutions, or high education facilities?
For more information regarding Enterprise accounts and pricing structures provided for special institutions, please contact our sales team at sales@experts-exchange.com.
How do I cancel my subscription?
If Experts Exchange is not for you, you can cancel your subscription online anytime. Go to "My Account", Personal Billing and select Cancel Subscription. Or call us at +1 (877) 211-8911.

"I always get good results when looking for a solution to issues I am working on, [when] on Experts Exchange."

Bill Mallett Windows Administrator II

"Experts Exchange has helped me when I'm in a bind. I'm the only one in the development [team] that does development, so when I'm stuck, it's nice to rely on this resource."

Javier Garza Information Technology Specialist

"I found it useful for Oracle queries so we didn't have to bring in a consultant for just a few small questions. It is useful when I get into a sticky situation and the wider team doesn't have experience in a certain technology."

Justin Tiernan Senior Manager Digital Technology

"Experts Exchange has been an invaluable resource to our developers."

Isaac Khazi Chief Technology Officer

"We have one program that is still running Oracle 8. Experts Exchange helps me when dealing with issues related to that software."

Sandra Matulis Senior Software Engineer