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Thomas Bernal and Randy Redberg introduce the new podcast series by Experts Exchange called Conversations with Tech Experts. They explain why the EE team decided to do a podcast with their community of experts around the world. 

About the Experts

Randal RedbergEE Managing Member
Randy Redberg is the founder and CEO of Experts Exchange. With over 20 years of experience leading a technology platform, he has a unique perspective of the evolving IT industry. In Conversations with Tech Experts, Randy sits down with technology experts from all over the world. 
Thomas BernalDirector of Business Development
Thomas Bernal is the Director of Global Business Development at Experts Exchange. He oversees the Marketing, Sales, and Community operations, and co-hosts Conversations with Tech Experts with CEO, Randy Redberg. 

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Conversations with Tech Experts is a monthly podcast where we discuss timely industry topics with the people on the front line. In this series, we talk to developers, consultants, CTOs, and more to give you exclusive insights from the best of the best. We'll bring you emerging trends, tips for success, and relatable anecdotes from industry experts who know their stuff.