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Followed Topics & Contribute Page - EP. 56

Coming soon to the EE community: a better way to follow topics and a new way to find questions to participate in! Check out this episode to hear from Kasey Hart and David Draper as they discuss the details of the next updates coming to the platform. On October 10th we are releasing major updates to the Followed Topics functionality that will allow members to indicate what type of content you want to see and when you want to see it. 

About the Experts

Kasey Hart
I live and work in Savannah, GA as the EE Director of Community. It's a joy to promote connectivity between the members of this community!
David DraperCommunity Manager
I'm the Community Support Lead at EE. I live and work in Savannah, GA. I absolutely love working with communities and learning from people!

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Michel PlungjanIT Expert
Distinguished Expert 2023

#1 issue I have is I cannot see the actual subject in the link

Why can't I unserialize this array?
   ('t-I-unserialize-this-array.html?utm_source=experts-exchange&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=followed_topics )

It is PHP but could be anny language

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