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...and Stay Hungry

The conversation continues with Lang sharing some of his recent interests, including the new development in offshoring and the entitlement many feel to record-high salaries. Lang also encourages an attitude of pursuing both training and learning wherever you are - especially learning outside of your specialty.

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Hudson Brock
Hudson Brock is the founder of AlloHire, a boutique tech recruiting agency based in Chattanooga, TN. A life-long athlete, oldest of 6, and a team player at heart, Hudson decided to build his own recruiting agency after helping several other people launch their agencies at Marius Group. Envisioning a business that played the infinite game, curated a vibrant culture, and built meaningful relationships around the world, Hudson started AlloHire in his basement in March 2021. Now, AlloHire is a team of 11, has 25+ clients, and is no longer in the basement.

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