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EP. 13 - The 15-Year-Old Moderator

Today’s podcast features Matt Huxtable, Lead Site Reliability Engineer at Ziglu. Matt has been a Certified Expert on Experts Exchange for over a decade, and first became a moderator at the age of 15. Matt joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Bus. Dev. Thomas Bernal to discuss how EE became the foundation for his technology expertise. 

They begin by talking about Matt’s lifelong journey as a technologist, beginning with how he signed up for EE more than half of his life ago. Matt talks about how the psychology of the intersection between humans and technology system is what fuels his interest in his work. The group moves on to discuss how Matt built his technology knowledge by solving his own problems and helping other people solve their problems on EE.

They round out the discussion with a conversation about how learning will evolve post-pandemic. Matt, Cambridge graduate, shares why he thinks real-world experience can be just as vital as knowledge gained in a classroom.

About the Expert

Matt Huxtable is a practitioner and technical leader with deep experience as a software engineer, systems administrator, and Site Reliability Engineer. Technology is very much a vocation for him - he is a lifelong technologist with various experience working with startups, enterprises, and running his own technology small businesses. He holds BA and MEng degrees in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

He has generally found himself in roles where he has had to learn what's necessary to get stuff done, so he's versed in everything from desktop support to software development, across Microsoft and Unix-based estates on-premises and in the cloud.

Today, he is a Tech Lead on the Platform & Site Reliability Engineering team for a UK-based neobank, where he's building out a new banking platform in the cloud. His particular area of interest is where deep systems understanding meets human factors. He enjoys understanding how systems of people and technology work together, embracing their inevitable flaws and harnessing his own experiences to build reliable systems that users love to use.

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