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EP. 14 - A Simpler Way to Succeed in IT

Today's podcast features DJ Eshelman, President of Thrive IT.  DJ is the author of "Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in IT" and "Be A Citrix Hero." DJ joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Bus. Dev. Thomas Bernal to discuss his 20-year journey in IT, and how it led him to create his simple methodology to help IT teams succeed.

The group starts by discussing how DJ graduated with a degree in psychology, and didn’t find his way back to tech until he joined a company in Iowa to help with their Y2K switch. DJ talks about his journey as a recording artist in college, and how he channels his creativity.

They go on to talk about DJ’s pledge to take risks in 2020, which resulted in him self-publishing two books and his own methodology. DJ breaks down how to implement a complex methodology - and even what IT professionals can learn from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

They dive into how someone can go about choosing a mentor or being a mentor -- and the difference between having a friend and a mentor. He finishes with his Big Idea by telling us that it’s essential to work with a purpose and that if your job is “just a job,” you should explore why you feel that way.

About the Expert

DJ Eshelman
D.J. Eshelman is a 20+ year IT veteran most widely known for his contributions as a Citrix Consultant and Architect and as a former CTA. He is the author of "Be A Citrix Hero" and most recently "Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in I.T." which reveals lessons learned and a simple methodology that anyone can follow.

He is the founder of the Citrix Hero Community and which focus on career and personal development for those serving in Information Technology. You may have seen him on YouTube as "Citrix Coach In A Car Getting Coffee" or more currently on "THRIVEcast" which he co-hosts with Jeff Pitsch, interviewing some of your favorite IT Influencers.

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