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EP. 16 - Proving Your Worth in IT

Check out this week's episode of Conversations with Tech Experts, which features Sam Jacobs, Director of Technology Development at IPM & Citrix Technology Professional. Sam joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Bus. Dev. Thomas Bernal to discuss how IT professionals can prove their worth and showcase their skills. The group begins with Sam's journey through the IT industry and how he began immersing himself in the world of Experts Exchange.

They go on to discuss how there is no better way to showcase your knowledge than with a badge. Sam, a graduate of NYU, continues on to say that he believes certifications and experience are important than a college degree once someone has been out of school for a few years. He finishes by talking about why Experts Exchange is a great tool for continuing education and gaining experience. 

About the Expert

Sam JacobsManager, Web Design / Development
Sam Jacobs is the Director of Technology Development (TechDev) at IPM, the longest standing Citrix Platinum Partner on the East Coast. With more than 40 years of IT consulting, Sam is a Citrix Netscaler, StoreFront, and Web Interface customization and integration expert. He holds Microsoft Azure Developer, Citrix CCP-N and ShareFile certifications, and is a frequent contributor to the CUGC CTP blog. He has presented advanced Web Interface and Netscaler customization sessions at BriForum, and has led breakout sessions at Citrix Synergy for the last 6 years on NetScaler and StoreFront customizations and integration. He is one of the top Citrix Support Forum contributors, and has earned industry praise for the tools he has developed to make NetScaler, StoreFront, and Web Interface easier to manage for administrators and more intuitive for end users. Sam became a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) in 2015.

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