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Citrix Trends to Watch in 2020

Citrix experts Carl Webster and Richard Faulkner discuss 3 major Citrix trends in 2020. Learn about the advantages of Citrix Workspace, the important things to know before moving to the cloud, and the benefits of Citrix analytics & intelligence. 

About the Experts

Richard FaulknerPrincipal Product Marketing Manager
Rich is an Enterprise Solutions Architect with more than 20 years of experience in Virtualization, Citrix, and Servers and Storage.
Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - Fellow
Carl is a Senior Infrastructure Consultant with more than 40 years of experience in Virtualization, specifically Citrix and VMware.

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Comments (1)

James RankinMedia Hound
Distinguished Expert 2022

Thanks for the mentions Carl......yes, I am a slacker, you got my number ;-)

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