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A Gamer's Journey in IT

In this episode, Thomas and Randy dive into James' journey from IT novice to certified expert in his field. Before delving into his IT experience, James gives Randy and Thomas a rundown of the ins and outs of pro gaming and Twitch streaming. Later, he explains how his passion for gaming and tinkering with computers led to his pursuit of a career in IT. He explains how in lieu of a more traditional approach, he turned to Experts Exchange for his tech education. The group goes on to discuss how the true benefit of Experts Exchange isn't simply solutions, but a full community experience.

About the Expert

James BunchSystems Engineer
James Bunch is a Systems Engineer for CNR Technologies in the Metro Atlanta area, and is experienced in IT Administration, Networking, and Desktops. He has obtained CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications. In addition to being an engineer, James is a former professional gamer and current Twitch streamer.

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