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EP. 18 - What Makes an Award Winner

Check out this week's episode of Conversations with Tech Experts, which features Randy Redberg, CEO of Experts Exchange. Randy joins Experts Exchange Director of Bus. Dev. Thomas Bernal to discuss the history and driving forces behind the Expert Awards. Randy and Thomas take a more relaxed and conversational approach to this episode, reflecting on their reasons for starting the podcast, as well as looking to the future.  Randy talks about the evolution of Expert Awards over the years and how he believes each year is better than the last. Later, they get into the mental makeup of award winners and Randy shares what he believes sets them apart from others in their field. They finish by discussing ways that young professionals can replicate the success of these award winners.

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Randal RedbergEE Managing Member
Randy Redberg is the owner and CEO of Experts Exchange. With over 20 years of experience leading a technology platform, he has a unique perspective of the evolving IT industry.

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