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EP. 20 - The Future of Sharing Knowledge

This week's episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Chris Stanyon, Web Developer and Experts Exchange Most Valuable Expert. Chris joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Bus. Dev. Thomas Bernal to discuss the different ways he believes the tech community will change the way they share their knowledge. The episode starts with Chris introducing himself and his career journey. He tells Randy and Thomas about his life outside of technology, which includes being a mountain bike instructor. Chris moves on to talk about why he believes sharing knowledge is fundamental to the human race. He gives his prediction for the evolution of work and knowledge sharing, but admits that even though the future is bright there is no way to know what's coming.

About the Expert

Chris StanyonWebDev
Chris Stanyon is a Gold Status Certified Expert on Experts Exchange, and has been a Freelance Web and Software Developer for 15 years. Before he owned is own business as a freelancer, he actually started his career in graphic design. He is from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, where he enjoys surfing, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and camping. He is a two-time Most Valuable Expert on EE, where he excels in web dev topics such as PHP and JavaScript.

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