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EP. 24 - How IT Pros Are Developing Their Careers Faster

This week's episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Stuart Scott, 
AWS Content & Security Lead and Certified Expert. Stuart joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Bus. Dev. Thomas Bernal to discuss how online learning is changing the way IT Professionals are advancing their careers. They begin by diving into how Stuart started his AWS Career - and how Stuart has developed over 100 different AWS courses in 4 years. Stuart breaks down his process for generating AWS content & talks about how the Experts Exchange community helps him gather ideas for future course creation. They also discuss why it's so important for IT pros to explore emerging technologies. The show finishes with Stuart's opinions on the future of online learning.

About the Expert

Stuart ScottAWS Content Director at Cloud Academy
With over 2 decades within the IT industry, Stuart has an extensive background covering a range of technologies, but his passion and interest is that of Cloud Computing, specifically surrounding Amazon Web Services (AWS)

He is currently the AWS content and security lead at Cloud Academy ( where he has created over 75 courses reaching tens of thousands of students. His content focuses heavily on cloud security and compliance, specifically on how to implement and configure AWS services to protect, monitor, and secure customer data in an AWS environment.

He has written many Cloud security blogs and has hosted a series of webinars with AWS and leading AWS partners.

In January 2016 he was awarded ‘Expert of the Year’’ from Experts Exchange for his knowledge shared within cloud services to the community.

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