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From Plumber to Cloud DevOps Engineer

In this episode, Randy and Thomas dive into what motivated Daniel to make a such a rare career jump. The trio also discusses why it isn't common for people to cross over to IT from any field, and how that could change in the future. Randy shares his story about how being a welder early in life pushed him to pursue other career options, and discusses with Daniel why working manual labor can be so helpful later on in life. Later, Daniel delves into why he chose to work with AWS and Python, how deals with imposter syndrome, and his goals for the future.

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Daniel Singletary
Daniel Singletary is a plumber from the Metro Atlanta area who has recently jumped head first into the realm of Information Technology. He is seeking to leverage his trade industry skills and knowledge of cloud application development to start a career in IT.

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Fantastic interview.  Keep up the great work.  

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